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Acapella Vibratory PEP therapy system

Vibratory PEP therapy system

Acapella Vibratory PEP therapy – Mobilize pulmonary secretions

Acapella choice System combines provides benefits of PEP therapy and airway vibrations to mobilize pulmonary secretions. This treatment takes only about half the time taken by chest physical therapy (CPT).

Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) therapy is one of the methods used to mobilize secretions. There are devices designed specifically for patients with chronic respiratory problems. These devices help them to lead a normal life and do the therapy as and when needed without the help of an assistant. Acapella vibratory PEP therapy system is one such device that helps to mobilize pulmonary secretions at your convenience. It combines both the PEP therapy and air vibrations technology to mobilize pulmonary secretions.

Now anyone suffering from such chronic respiratory problem can use these devices. The interesting fact is that one can use this practically in any position. Want to know more about the device that allows you to move freely, sit and stand with total ease, then stay tuned.

Acapella Choice Vibratory PEP Therapy Device

Acapella choice System combines provides benefits of PEP therapy and airway vibrations to mobilize pulmonary secretions. This treatment takes only about half the time taken by chest physical therapy (CPT). It is also well accepted and tolerated than CPT according to most of the patients who tried both the procedures. Acapella Vibratory PEP therapy system helps to clear the secretions and help you lead a normal life. You do not have to make frequent visits to the clinics and undergo Chest physical therapy. This device helps you to save a lot of time and do the procedure at your home.

Benefits of using Acapella vibratory PEP therapy system

  • Acapella helps to clear pulmonary secretions and have a sound respiratory tract
  • Facilitates opening of airways and clears all the blockages
  • Best suited for patients suffering from lung diseases such as Asthma, cystic fibrosis, and COPD
  • Easy to use without a help and portable

Instructions to Use the Acapella vibratory PEP therapy system

Helps to deal with the following conditions: cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, asthma, atelectasis and COPD. You can adjust the frequency and flow resistance by using an adjustment dial. This device offers enhanced pulmonary care and is easy to maintain.

First, ensure that the adjustment dial is set to a specified range as advised by your health expert. Now sit comfortably and place the mouthpiece lightly in the mouth. Make sure that you make a tight seal on the mouthpiece while exhaling air. Sometimes your health expert may recommend using a mask or a nose clip. Now breathe from the diaphragm by taking larger than the normal breaths, but make sure not to exceed the lung capacity. Hold the breath for 3 seconds and then exhale slowly. Do not forcefully exhale and make sure the exhalation also lasts longer than normal exhalation without the device. Continue the PEP breaths for 10 to 20 times. Later remove the mouthpiece and perform 2-3 huff coughs, as that will help to raise the secretions. You can ask your healthcare expert about cough techniques. This device is simple and helps to remove blockages in the respiratory tract with ease.

How to clean the Acapella vibratory PEP therapy system

The acapella® choice is very easy to maintain. This product is dishwasher safe and you can also choose to wash it with warm water or any standard detergent. You can start using the device under the guidance of any expert health care provider and then practice the same at your home. With a few used you will be able to handle the device and clear the secretions without any help.

Customer reviews Acapella vibratory PEP therapy system

According to customers and health experts, Acapella® Choice is a simple yet empowering device. They say that it disassembles into four, easy-to-clean parts.  Most of the patients say that they get all the benefits of PEP therapy right at their home and at their convenience. This single patient use device is a great addition to the life of all those patients who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases.


This device works independent of orientation and the patients can freely do the PEP breaths at their convenience. It is an autoclave-able and boilable device. It has easy adjustment settings and is a user-friendly device. This 22mm fitting device is highly recommended choice by most of the customers.

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