ADC Sphygmomanometer

ADC Model 760 Professional Sphygmomanometer & Its Uses

ADC Model 760 Professional Sphygmomanometer by Southeastern Medical Supply

ADC Model 760 Professional Sphygmomanometers

Firstly, the ADC model 760 professional sphygmomanometers or the Prosphyg 760 series is a very popular aneroid blood pressure monitor widely used by medical practitioners to monitor blood pressure.
This blood pressure monitor is black in colour and are latex free. Also, it is cost effective and comes with a 20 year calibration warranty. Besides, this product is assembled and tested in the U.S.A. and is very reliable. The aneroid models are mechanical models with dials and are preferred over mercury sphygmomanometers. Since mercury poses health hazards especially if the blood pressure monitor breaks or mercury leaks out.

Likewise, Sphygmomasnometers are devices used to measure the blood pressure. The common parts in a sphygmomanometer or blood pressure monitors are an inflatable cuff to temporarily stop the blood flow, mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the pressure and a manually operated bulb and valve or a pump operated electrically to inflate the handcuff. Equally, a stethoscope is needed along with manual blood pressure monitors. The blood pressure is usually measured in millimeters of mercury or mmHg. It records two values, the systolic pressure “over” the diastolic pressure.

Features of ADC model 760 professional sphygmomanometers

  • This ADC model 760 professional sphygmomanometers comes with a 2 year warranty and a 20 year calibration warranty
  • It is an aneroid model and hence does not have the disadvantages of mercury manometers. The Prosphyg 760 series uses black enamel 300mmHg no-pin stop manometer for durability and dependability
  • It cuff has five sizes, child cuff, small adult cuff, standard adult cuff, large adult cuff and extra large adult cuffs. The latex free cuffs are very safe to use for people with latex or natural rubber allergies
  • It has a very reliable air release valve which is chrome plated
  • The ADC model prosphyg 760 series comes in a leather carrying case fitted with durable nylon zips for longer life
  • The product is assembled, tested and packed in the U.S.A.

The ADC model 760 professional sphygmomanometers or blood pressure monitors are very reliable. Hence they are highly recommended for use in the medical profession.

ADC Model 760 Professional Sphygmomanometer

by Southeastern Medical Supply 4 out of 5stars (450 Customer Ratings)

Price: $39.99
The product is a aneroid blood pressure monitor.


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4 stars out of 5 by Maria luther for ADC Model 760 Professional Sphygmomanometer

Monitors blood pressure and gives good results.

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ADC Model 760 Professional Sphygmomanometer
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