Aircast Cryo/Cuff Ic Cooler Instructions for Cold Therapy

Aircast Cryo/Cuff Ic Cooler

It helps you get the cold therapy for longer. It can be used for many purposes, for surgery pain, trauma, home uses, etc. Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler is easy to use product.

A cold compression is the best go-to remedy for pain, swelling, edema, etc. It relaxes the muscles and can also increase the blood flow. The ice packs can lose its temperature and does not stay in the ice form for longer. The Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler helps you get the cold therapy for longer. It is easy to use cuff cooler which keeps the cold cuff cooler for a long time so you can get comfort without having to replace the ice in the packs. The Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler comes with the cooler cuff or the cooler alone.

About Aircast Cryo Cuff Cooler

Aircast Cryo Cuff cooler is a compression useful for relieving pain, swelling in the joints and other areas, inflammations etc. it is used by mixing some cold water in the cuff and this cuff cooler maintains the cold water temperature. It is compatible with all the Aircast cuff models.

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The Aircast Cryo cuff cooler works on a motor that pumps cool air into the cuff to create the compression. This air pump adds both coolness and compression to the cuff. The non-motorized cooler does not create the compression but only the cold air. The Aircast Cryo/Cuff pumps the cold air every 30 seconds into the cuff.

Features Of Aircast Cryo Cuff Ic Cooler

  • Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler is a prescription cooler compression’s. You need to have a doctor’s prescription to purchase this. The order form should be authorized by the physician with his/her signature. You will then fax this form to obtain the product.
  • It can be used for many purposes, for surgery pain, trauma, home uses, etc.
  • The air compression is useful for getting compression that reduces bleeding or swelling.
  • It works each cycle for 30-45 seconds that provides the compression along with the cold feel.
  • Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler is easy to use product.
  • It works intermittently to provide compression
  • It comes with the pump inside the lid of the cooler.
  • The cuffs may or may not come with the Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler.
  • It could easily be part of the training rooms for the immediate recovery.

Cryo Cuff Knee Motorized Cooler

Knees and joint pain is the worst experience one can have. It totally makes the person immobilized. The Cryo Cuff knee motorized cooler helps relieve this pain. The motorized cooler provides the cool air and the needed compression for the comfort from the pain.

Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler is available in standard size. The cuff sizes are available in medium and large. The medium is 18-23 inches; the large size is 20-31 inches. There is a third size which is known as universal that has a circumference of 32-48 inches.

The varieties it is available are for the knees, shoulder, ankle, wrists etc. If you want a back, hip o rib compressions, it is available with a universal size that fits for the waist size up to 45 inches.

Aircast Cryo Cuff Ic Cooler Instructions

  • The Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler comes with a blue colored container with a white lid and a connected blue tube through which the cool air passes. Add water into the water port and then add the ice cubes into the cooler. Close the lid of the ice cabinet inside the cooler and close the lid properly and tight.
  • Position the cuff in the appropriate area and the cooler should be kept above the cuff while it works. It should be at least 15 inches above the cuff for at least 30 seconds while the cuff is being filled with cold air.
  • Position the cuff and cooler in such a way that the base of the cooler and the cuff are at the same level.
  • Turn on the cooler, connected to the plug. The cool air will then fill the cuff. It will work for 30-45 seconds for each cycle until you feel some relaxation.
  • It can go on supplying cold air until the ice melts. Then, it needs refilling.
  • To refill the Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler, unplug the cooler. Then go on to do the same process of filling the cooler as mentioned above and repeat as needed.
  • The cold compression therapy should last for at least 30 minutes in the initial period for you to get relief. Later, it can be done for a shorter period as well.
  • Remember to drain the water from the cooler immediately after every use and let it dry. Empty the cuffs as well.

Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee System With Cooler Instructions

The instructions are similar as above, the only difference is that the knee system is attached to the knees specifically. The working mechanism of the cooler is the same for any kind of cuffs.

Safety Tips While Using Aircast Cryo Cuff Ic Cooler

  • Always place a washcloth or a towel between your skin and the cuff cooler.
  • When you refill, first empty the cooler completely before you add fresh water and ice.
  • A block of ice can work better and longer than using ice cubes. Find a suitably sized container that can fit inside the cooler. Fill water in the container and freeze the water. When you want to use the cooler, transfer this block of ice into the cooler.
  • Placing the cooler at more than 15 inches from the cuff can create more pressure unnecessarily.
  • The cooler is washable but you should use only a mild detergent to clean it. the lid should never be immersed in water.
  • NEVER use the Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler if you have any circulatory or neurological problems.
  • Using it during any cold or allergy should also be avoided.

Where To Buy

Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler can be bought only from selected online dealers. This product requires medical prescription so it is not available on the popular sites. The process is to pay, get the authentication from the physician, and then apply for the product.

Customer Reviews

The ease of using and portability are the major advantages of this Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler. People have used twice a day to get faster recovery from whatever the physical pain they suffered. The flexibility to attach the various kinds of cuffs for the different parts with the same cooler is what people liked.


Aircast Cryo cuff Ic cooler is one sure to work product that can ease the pain and swellings. It works better than a simple ice pack. The additional benefit here is the compression that you get that speeds up the recovery process. Talk to your physician to get this product at the earliest.

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