AOR benaGene – Multifunctional Supplement with Thermally Stabilized Oxaloacetate

AOR benaGene

AOR benaGene With Thermally Stabilized Oxaloacetate Supplement

benaGene is known as an anti-ageing, sugar control, and brain repairing supplement. It provides energy to the body by acting directly in the energy producing process. There are no side effects at all.

AOR benaGene is a dietary supplement that supplies oxaloacetate. Oxaloacetate is an integral part of the body metabolism.

Oxaloacetate is an intermediate compound needed in the Kreb’s cycle or the energy producing, metabolic cycle. It is the glucose metabolic cycle which also has a higher role in maintaining the blood sugar level. Owing to the various use of the only ingredient in AOR benaGene, it is a supplement that enhances the overall health in various ways than one.

benaGene is known as an anti-ageing, sugar control, and brain repairing supplement. It has got properties to deal with all of these processes and much more.

What is AOR BenaGene?

AOR benaGene contains the thermally stabilized oxaloacetate. It has better stability inside the body than normal oxaloacetate. It is this compound that comes as an intermediate addition and the prior compound needed for the energy producing process in the body. So it is basically the energy producing molecule needed for the basic metabolism. It speeds up the energy generation process, makes sure that the blood glucose is properly used and also keeps a check on the sugar level in the body. It also provides some antioxidants for the body.

Benefits Of AOR benaGene Capsules

  • AOR benaGene provides energy to the body by acting directly in the energy producing process.
  • It lowers the blood sugar level and maintains it.
  • Can deal with insulin resistance and promote cellular glucose utilization
  • It can balance the cortisol levels
  • Revive those with chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue
  • It can address the sugar metabolism and sugar absorption problems.
  • It is good for brain health as it has antioxidant and regenerative properties.
  • AOR benaGene can be used by one and all.
  • It contains no amount of additives or allergens in the formulation.

AOR benaGene Ingredients

There are only 2 ingredients in AOR benaGene- oxaloacetate and vitamin C.


Oxaloacetate used here is thermally stabilized for its availability for the cells. It has many used starting from the brain function to the being a helping hand in diet rebound.

The primary use of oxaloacetate is to speed up and maintain the energy producing process. Simply being the primary compound involved in this process makes this molecule highly necessary for the body. With this, it becomes an essential part of energy production. Without this, there will no glucose utilization or energy production.

Oxaloacetate ensures that the cells absorb sugar from the blood and that the mitochondria use it properly. This helps in combating insulin resistance of the cells and reduces the blood sugar level.

By improving the energy production, oxaloacetate can increase the stamina and endurance. This is a great help for aged people and athletes.

Other Benefits

When the energy producing cycle- Kreb’s cycle happens, there is the production of NAD+. NAD+ is a much-needed compound for the protein production. This will help in reducing the chances of heart diseases.

The antioxidant property of oxaloacetate is found to be capable of resisting even cancer. Oxaloacetate reduces the glutamine level in the body. Glutamine is kind of fuel to the cancer cell and when this fuel is low, these cells cannot multiply easily.

The anti-ageing ability of oxaloacetate is due to its act on a compound that causes cellular dysfunction. It also protects the mitochondrial cells from oxidative damage.

One of the most important benefits of oxaloacetate is that it can lower the glutamate amount in the body. Excess glutamate can cause brain damage. Oxaloacetate removes this excess glutamate by using it for energy production.

It also helps in the brain recovery from strokes as it eliminates the glutamate from the blood, spinal fluid, and brain. This is done by producing more NAD+. When the glutamate is less, it helps the neurons to communicate easily.

It increases the DNA repair and promotes longevity of genes.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is added here as a stabilizing agent for the oxaloacetate. This vitamin acts as an electron acceptor to keep the major ingredient stable at all the times. This helps the prevention of turning oxaloacetate into pyruvate.

AOR benaGene contains 100 mg of oxaloacetate and the same amount of vitamin C in every capsule.

AOR BenaGene Dosage

The recommended dosage of AOR benaGene is 1 capsule a day. It should be taken along with food to avoid any complications. There are no reported side effects of AOR benaGene. It seems to be safe for all.

AOR benaGene contains only 100mg of oxaloacetate which is a lower dose. But it is still recommended at 1 capsule per day dosage. This is the main reason why there are no side effects for this supplement.

AOR benaGene is available in a bottle of 30 capsules for a month’s supply.

AOR benaGene Customer Reviews

Customers have a critical view about the price of the AOR benaGene. It is one of the expensive supplements and many feel that it is not worth for just a month’s supply. Though the effects are positive with no negativity about the effects, people are still hesitating to go for a second round due to the price.

Users have a peculiar way of using AOR benaGene. One of the users uses it for 2 months back to back and gives it a break. He uses it again only if he can’t go further. He suffers fatigue and AOR benaGene capsules provide him some energy change.

Maher was recommended by her osteopath to combat the tremors in her spine. She finds it highly effective in this way.

Another user comments that it helps him with chemical sensitivity and exercise endurance. It works slow and takes some time to get into real action. Only regular use can bring it on track.

The Verdict

The main advantage of AOR benaGene is that there are no side effects at all. No one has ever reported any such discomfort. The product seems to work well, except for the pricey issue, the basic feedback is positive about the product. It should also be noted that the ingredient is an essential part of the metabolism. If you are a person with constant fatigue issues, glucose imbalance etc, there is no harm in trying this. It is easily available as a one month supply to have a trial run.

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