White teeth are everyone’s dream, but not all can have the luxury, thanks to some very day diet ingredients and drinks. There are quite a few diet ingredients that can cause teeth staining and cause damage, but the ones listed here has many unexpected inclusions as well. Many of these may not be avoided but one can sure take some measures to make sure that the pigments left by them are properly removed before calling it a day. Teeth Staining Food & Drinks Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste can help you with overall dental health. Proven to be very effective and the best seller , its aRead More →

For years, the coconut oil was considered unhealthy that cause many problems. But it is also not to be ignored that it has been a main ingredient in many Ayurvedic preparation that itself is proof enough to show its ability to improve the health. Here is a small account on how coconut can improve the health in so many ways. It can work both internally and externally. Weight loss: Coconut oil is a great help in weight loss programs. In fact it is one of the only allowed oils in the very low calorie diet that is coupled with the HCG. The medium chain triglyceridesRead More →

Bitter gourd is one of the best natural remedies for diabetes. It contains natural principles that work in many ways to bring down the blood sugar level and also to maintain healthy levels for those who are prone to diabetes. Diabetes is tough that will not give you any chance but give it a competition with bitter gourd that will help you get back right into the game and beat the diabetes. The best way to have bitter gourd is to take its juice fresh and drink it on empty stomach in the morning. As the name suggests, the vegetable is highly bitter. It willRead More →

All living cells need antioxidants to maintain their good health. Their role in many important metabolic activities is too good to avoid them in the diet. It also plays a bigger deal in reducing weight as well. To answer the question if antioxidants are anti-fat, the answer is NO. Antioxidants cannot act directly against fat molecules, so basically it is not anti-fat. But the indirect way to put these facts is that antioxidants can be pro to the fat burning processes inside the body. Fat burning is the ultimate break down of fat molecules. For that, those fat molecules have to be mobilized from itsRead More →

Sunburn is the greatest problem during summer. The sun, sunlight and the weather is awesome. Beach is the favorite destination for many. But the trip may reward you with some sunburn as well. If it is a daily saga, it is better to shift to natural remedies that will not have any after effects. Many of you may know about the soothing effects of aloe vera, oatmeal, mint, etc. But there also are other ingredients in the kitchen that can serve the same purpose. One should know about all these as well. Who knows which ingredient comes handy at the time! Here are a fewRead More →

The reason for premature graying of the hair these days are the erratic lifestyle and stress. It is a wide spread health problem for today’s youth. This is the state of affairs no matter which part of the world you belong to. But they have also found a solution for it by sporting the fashionable salt n pepper look. Even though it is fashionable for a while, in a long term, it will not work. Chemicals= Cover ups Using cover ups are not healthy as the grey hairs are not going to disappear. It is just like applying makeup. The chemicals not only dry outRead More →

Foot odor is an embarrassing health problem. The foul smell coming from the foot will not go away easily and is too stubborn. It bothers in the summer and in winter. Certain bacteria in the feet and fungal infections on the toenail or on the foot are the main reasons for the stinky foot. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems can also cause stinky foot. Whatever the reason behind, you will have to get rid of the smell one way or the other. Here are a few effective natural remedies to erase the foul smell from the foot. The basic soaks To Deal WithRead More →

Are you one of them who often forget what you were wearing yesterday, or where you kept your important file, names? Well, all of us do be forgetful every now and then. If these small memory lapses are frequent then it is time for concern. It could be sign of brain cell damage, too much stress, anxiety, alcohol, or even medications. Brain need some internal resetting to put the memories in the right place to get them back when needed. The failure to do so is what we call forgetfulness or memory loss. 5 secrets to a healthy memory are Eat well: The most importantRead More →

The most common problem that worries women is cracked heels. They do anything and everything to get rid of it but the stubborn problem does not seem to go so easily. The cracked heel are a cause of embarrassment and painful. It prevents women from wearing open heels and sandals. The cracked heels does not match with those beautiful footwear that many would prefer only shoes. Though there are numerous remedies to get rid of the cracks, there has to be some way to make it gone for a longer period. Here you will find some tricks that will help you not just to healRead More →

There is one common problem all the teenagers face today- sleep deprivation. Everyone would love to blame it on the television, media obsession, and social networks. But are they really to blame for the lack of sleep in the teens? No, blame it all on the puberty period. Yes, puberty plays a major role in reducing the sleeping time in teenagers. One of the changes (that most of us do not know) that happens in the teen’s body is the resetting of their biological clock. The biological clock determines when to feel sleepy and when to wake up. The resetting that happens in the teen’sRead More →