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Ayr Saline Nasal Drops

Ayr Saline Nasal Drops – For nasal decongestion

The Ayr Saline nasal drops is one such safe product to be used for nasal decongestion. The saline water in it hydrates the nose and at the same time clears the mucus. It relieves all the discomfort associated with excess mucus secretion.

Nasal congestion is a real fun killer. Apart from making your breathing difficult, it also disturbs the sleep pattern and makes you feel more miserable than you already are. There are numerous nasal sprays available in the market but majority contains alcohol in it which can practically make your nasal path feel like drought hit. Your nasal passage is now open alright, but you end up having to wet it often.

Saline water is said to be the best decongestant. It contains no alcohol and the sodium chloride in it can actually take care of the moisture in the nose as well as make the cilia healthy without any irritation. Ayr Saline nasal drops carries no amount of alcohol to cause irritation.

Benefits of Ayr Saline nasal drops

  • Ayr saline nasal drops is safe for one and all. Even the babies and pregnant women can use this to open their nasal path.
  • The saline water in it hydrates the nose and at the same time clears the mucus.
  • It relieves all the discomfort associated with excess mucus secretion.
  • Ayr Saline nasal drops is a non-medicated formula with no other addition in it.
  • This nasal drops can be used for anytime. It is suitable to relieve the allergy, respiratory infection, dried nose after oxygen therapy etc. The dry nose due to climate change, pregnancy hormones and anything and everything that causes dry nose could be relieved with these nasal drops.
  • It is not the sprayable form but in liquid form that needs to be dropped into the nose.

Ayr Saline nasal drops ingredients

Ayr Saline nasal drops use an isotonic solution made with sodium chloride, potassium phosphate/sodium hydroxide buffer, disodium EDTA, and benzalkonium chloride.

This preparation thins the mucus that is blocking the breathing pathway. The buffer added here will prevent the nasal irritation.

Using Ayr Salone nasal drops

The Ayr Saline nasal drops come in a bottle with a dropper. Drain the nose by blowing and clean it well before you drop in the saline water.

Use this dropper to drop 2-6 drops of the saline water into the nasal passage. Tilt the head backward while you drop the liquid. Try, not to touch the nostril to the nose. If there is a touch, clean the dropper before replacing it.

The Ayr Saline nasal drops can be used as needed, at any time. Unlike the alcohol based products, there would not be any drying or other irritation following the use. Use warm water to clean the dropper nostril.

The Ayr Saline water can also be used to wash the nasal way to remove any allergens inside. It is suitable for pollen or dust allergies as well as for sinus allergies.

Do not use the same dropper for 2 persons. Use it only for the person intended. For another person, get a new dropper.


Ayr Saline nasal drops can be stored at room temperature under normal circumstances. It would not be ideal to store it in the bathroom cabinet.


Saline water is the safe way to decongestion. The Ayr Saline nasal drops use the isotonic solution that is the same as that of the body fluid. So it goes well within the body and brings you relief the natural way, without any irritation.

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