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Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron – 29mg

CHEWABLE IRON 29 With Vitamin C

It is a tablet form of iron supplement. The Bariatric chewable iron 29mg comes in Passionfruit flavor. It does not taste like iron when chewable and is safe to use by all. The tablets form avoids any digestion related side effects.

Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron is a tablet form of iron supplement. Usually, the iron supplements come in capsule form which has some difficulty to be absorbed by the body. The least, it takes extra time for the processing inside the body. These chewable iron tablets are chewed and their processing starts right from the mouth. It also makes it easier for the stomach to do the rest and allow faster absorption of it.

The Bariatric chewable iron 29mg comes in Passionfruit flavor. It does not taste like iron when chewable and is safe to use by all. You don’t have to feel the aftertaste of iron like you experience with the capsule forms. These tablets come with the extra dose of vitamin C.

Benefits Of Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron Tablets

  • Bariatric chewable iron tablets benefit those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery. The iron has reliability on stomach acid to get it digested and later for its better absorption. Here, these chewable iron tablets start its digestion with the saliva and its enzymes. It no longer depends entirely on stomach acid.
  • The flavor of passion fruit lets you have the tablets without cringing with the iron taste. You don’t feel like having iron tablets.
  • The presence of vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron.
  • The tablets form avoids any digestion related side effects.

Bariatric Chewable Iron Tablets Ingredients

There are 3 ingredients in Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron 29mg tablets. It contains vitamin C, iron in the form of ferrous fumarate and carbonyl iron, along with some amount of short-chain fructoligosaccharides.

  • Vitamin C: Each tablet of Bariatric chewable iron contains 60mg of vitamin C. This is added to increase the absorption of iron into the body. It makes an iron-vitamin C complex. It promotes the reduction process of ferric iron to ferrous iron.
  • Ferronyl carbonyl iron: It contains elemental iron at more than 98%. It is small in size than other iron types. This increases its bioavailability and is easily absorbed by the body. It has better absorbing rate than the commonly used ferrous salts.
  • Ferrous fumarate is seen only in the Passion fruit flavored chewable iron 29mg tablets. This is another well-tolerated form of iron. It is absorbed without any problems. Ferrousfumarate has 33% of elemental iron. It is also a form of iron that is less likely to cause any digestive problems. Moreover, the effects of this form of iron are enhanced by the presence of vitamin C.
  • Short-chain fructoligosaccharides: Fructoligosaccharides can increase the absorption of minerals like iron, from the colon. It also helps in the maintenance of iron in the body.

Bariatric Chewable Iron Tablets Usage Directions

The usage of Bariatric chewable iron tablets is 1 tablet per day. The tablets contain 29mg of iron in different forms. It should be taken with any of the 3 meals of the day.

The chewable iron tablet is available in bottles of 90 tablets or a larger pack of 180 tablets in it. Store it is a cool and dry place to make it last long.

Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron Tablets Side Effects

Being the tablet form, the possibility of side effects with Bariatric chewable iron tablets is less. If at all there is any, it could be acidity or constipation, in worst cases. Otherwise, it is safe for all.

The only concern would be when you take any dairy products right after these tablets. It causes the acidity and other issues readily. So you need to wait at least half an hour before you take milk or other dairy products.

Bariatric Chewable Iron Tablets Reviews

The majority of the users have had the bariatric surgery done on them. They were in need of chewable tablets and this Bariatric Chewable iron tablets sat well with them. What they liked most was the taste or the lack of it in them. Some had needed more than 1 tablet to keep up their iron requirement. The larger bottle came as a console for them.

The greatest part is that these tablets came recommended by many doctors.

  • There is another bariatric surgery patient who had to chew all her medications. She finds these chewable iron tablets to be pleasant to taste to taste and not really like Passion fruit flavor.
  • Amber uses these chewable iron tablets to deal with severe anemia. She has managed to make it steady with these tablets. She takes it right before the meals to avoid the after taste in the mouth.


Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron tablets are found to be effective to improve the iron content in the body. It is easily chewed, and with a pleasant taste has been liked by many. There also have not been any reported side effects of these. The price and the availability are also in its favor. It is one of the safe products in the market.

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