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BariWise Protein Bars

BariWise Protein Bars

The BariWise protein bars are the high protein with low carbohydrates that fits well for the weight loss diet. It come in flavors of vanilla, caramel, peanut butter and rockie road. Gluten free formula that contains no allergens also.

A healthy snack can suffice a quick meal and be a healthy habit. The energy bars or protein bars are one of the quickest and popular snacking options. It can be a quick breakfast as well. For the weight management, a healthy snack is an essential part of the diet. It cannot be better than a protein bar that supplies the protein to build muscle and be the energy source without increasing the calorie intake.

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The BariWise protein bars are the gluten free formula that contains no allergens also. It provides 14gms of protein per bar with a calorie amount of 180.

BariWise Protein Bar Ingredients

The BariWise protein bars are made with a protein blend of whey protein isolate and concentrate, milk protein isolates, soy protein isolate along with some high protein yogurt coating. There also are some sugar, palm oil, yogurt powder, soy lecithin, flavoring agents like vanilla or caramel, glycerin, water, cocoa, peanut paste etc.
These BariWise protein bars contain low fat of 5.5 gms, cholesterol of 5mg and add some 10% of the iron for the daily value.

You can simply unwrap the protein bars and have it as a meal replacement or as a snack option.
The BariWise protein bars come in flavors of vanilla, caramel, peanut butter and rockie road. It tastes yummy and can also be a good habit for children over the chocolates. It should be the clear replacement for the candy bars, especially when you are trying weight management.

Pros And Cons Of Bariwise Protein Bars


  • The BariWise protein bars are the high protein with low carbohydrates that fits well for the weight loss diet.
  • It makes a good alternative for the tasteless diet food.
  • It is good filling that keeps you feeling fuller for a long time.
  • It contains the extra iron in it, an ingredient that is not popularly seen in protein bars.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.


The downside of the BariWise protein bars is that it has a slightly higher quantity of fat than necessary. It is not too high but high nonetheless.

It is not exactly very low-calorie bars. Each of the BariWise protein bar has got around 170-180 calories that can compromise the low calorie diets. Otherwise, it is one of the reasonable amounts to serve as a meal replacement.

The lack of enough fiber can be a mark against this BariWise protein bars. If your aim is to have a quick meal and not much on the weight management, this should not be a problem.

BariWise Protein Bar Reviews

Rose uses the BariWise protein bars as a snack. She likes the flavor of these bars better than what she has been using so far.

Glenda feels that this BariWise protein bar is good for her conscious. The bar is small enough so that she does not feel guilty after having it as it does not interfere with her diet.

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Francine comments that it tastes good that it doesn’t feel like a diet bar.


The general feel of the BariWise protein bars is that it tastes excellent. The downside is that it is a bit low on protein and high in calories, for a diet hard dieter. It is a comfortable replacement for candy bars and can also be the first step towards a healthy diet.

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