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Beautisol Bright Eyed

Beautisol bright eyed, eye cream helps in firming sensitive area of eye skin and working as anti aging.

It contains ChroNoline which acts as a powerful and effective anti aging cream. Its formula contains non-toxic ingredients that help in muscular rest and fast penetration into the skin. It instantly softens the eye skin making it look more fresh, youthful and vibrant.



It contains Borage Oil that has the highest Gamma Linolenic Acid with helps in increase of skin cell flexibility and elasticity. It works underneath the skin layer to nourish and strengthen the sensitive and delicate skin tissues around the eye area, that is it provides the nourishment to the fatty layer of eye under the skin.

Its contains like argireline which works great in decreasing expression lines and leuphasy that greatly reduces the eye wrinkles and nourishes the dry skin.

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Benefits of using Beautisol Bright Eyed

Beautisol Bright Eyed is one of the most innovative anti-aging peptides that works underneath the skin to feed, plump and strengthen the delicate tissue around the eye area. Following are the benefits of Beautisol Bright Eyed:

  1. Beautisol Bright Eyed provides fast penetration, instant skin volume and muscular relaxation
  2. Its a powerful anti-age pep tide that prevents collagen loss and firmness in eye area.
  3. Beautisol Bright Eyed contains active ingredients that help to increase cell resilience, nourish your dry skin and moisten the fatty layer under the skin.

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