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Bionix Ear Lavage System

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Bionix Ear Lavage gives improved patient comfort because of the soft, gentle touch design.

Buy Bionix Ear Lavage System! You know, sometimes our ear canals are impacted with dry, hard or impacted wax that needs to be irrigated. But it’s a bit difficult process as traditional ear irrigation methods that shoot water directly into the ear canal can be quite dangerous and messy. No worries anymore! Here is OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip made with a unique 3-stream design for the effective delivery of water. In addition, it can prevent pressure build-up and also allow debris and water to drain out. Further, read on to know more on Bionix Ear Lavage System. Also, check out its reviews and other important details…

Bionix Ear Lavage System – Detailed Description

This Bionix Ear Lavage Adapter Wands, 3-pack is a portable waterpik unit that is specially made to safely and effectively irrigate the ear. It works by safely directing the flow of irrigation fluid into the ear with minimal cleanup. Two systems are available, including tips, a water delivery device, and basins. Equally, the tip is one of the product’s key aspects that is made to destroy the risk of unnecessary damage to the inner ears.

Ear Lavage System includes

  • Portable Waterpik unit 155mL reservoir for automated, pulsed lavage
  • 40 ear irrigation tips
  • 3 adapter wands
  • Basin

Spray Wash Kit includes

  • 20 ear irrigation tips
  • 500mL spray wash bottle
  • Basin

Bionix Ear Lavage System Features

  • Bionix Ear Lavage System is a portable irrigation delivery device that can be used anywhere in or out of the office.
  • Comes in a small, lightweight design.
  • It provides an effective pulsed irrigation.
  • Also, features a self-contained water reservoir
  • Easy to use with effective on/off controls.
  • There is a rechargeable battery.
  • One should use with diffuser tips.
  • Basin captures water during ear irrigation.

Bionix Ear Lavage System Benefits

  • Bionix Ear Lavage gives improved patient comfort because of the soft, gentle touch design.
  • The flared tip design removes the fear of over-insertion into the ear canal.
  • Equally, directs water flow away from the tympanic membrane at 30 angles (mainly for increased safety).
  • Exit portals stops pressure build-up and eliminates back splash discharge.
  • The single use tip lowers the risk of cross contamination.

Bionix Ear Lavage System – Directions of use

Before you perform, it is advised to examine the ear canal and tympanic membrane.

  • 1 – First, hold the OtoClear tip and twist onto the Luer lock fitting of the adapter wand (until it stops).
  • 2 – In this step, fill the water reservoir of the delivery device with warm water, around body temperature.
  • 3 – Prime the device by discharging into a sink.
  • 4 – Now, insert the OtoClear tip fully into the ear canal and reexamine the ear canal. Then repeat the procedure as needed because sometimes a large wax will not exit through the portal.
  • 5 – Remove any remaining water in the ear canal with an absorbent sponge. When the procedure gets complete, remove and dispose of the tip.

Bionix Ear Lavage System – Warnings

Do not perform this process, if the tympanic membrane is perforated.

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Discontinue irrigation if bleeding, irrigation or other trauma occurs to the ear canal.

Bionix Ear Lavage System Reviews

Bionix Ear Lavage System is a high-quality electronic cerumen removal system, available at a low cost. It is much better than the other competitive solutions in the market and has been clinically proven effective by the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. But, there are very few or no customer reviews available for this product.

Where to buy?

Bionix Ear Lavage is available for sale at mountainside-medical.com and at amazon. One may get them at a cheaper rate with many coupon offers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the return policy of Mountainside Medical?

There is a 30 days return policy on all the products at Mountainside Medical. But the goods returned must be in 100% resalable condition.

Can I get their contact number?

Their contact number is 1-888-687-4334.

What are the different modes of payment available?

The different modes of payment available include American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Maestro.

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