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This article is all about bruxism and its symptoms.

Well…..both are equally offensive. Clenching and Grinding teeth unintentionally during day or night is known as Bruxism (BRUK-siz-um). If you grind your teeth while driving, while working, while you are asleep, or simply while performing routine tasks, you may be having Bruxism. Bruxism can be a frequent habit or can happen at intervals. Bruxism can be divided into two types: Sleep and Awake. Both are equally harmful though sleep bruxism can be more disturbing as you carry the after effects through the next day thus ruining your day and carrying the pain. Awake bruxism can be found during the day without realization and can affect your stress level causing more pain in your body. For example while you are writing an examination or while concentration on a task. Awake brux is found more in females whereas both genders are equally affected by Sleep bruxism (also known as Nocturnal tooth grinding). Though it happens on a sub-conscious level, it is difficult for your partner/friend to comply with this habit.

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