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Carditone – Ingredients, Side Effects, Risks, Drug Interactions



Carditone strengthens the heart muscles so that they don’t have to overwork or put extra pressure than needed. Weak muscles are one of the reasons for higher blood pressure and by strengthening them, the problem would not sustain.

Carditone is a cardiovascular support supplement that lowers the blood pressure. The blood pressure medications are kind of addictive that once you start, you will have to use it like forever. It is made of several ayurvedic extracts and magnesium to maintain the blood pressure and good heart condition. The formulation is best to tackle hypertension which can be a silent killer for the heart.

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Carditone Benefits

Carditone herbal preparation alleviates the blood pressure and maintains normal levels. The major benefits of Carditone are,

  • Heart muscle strengthening: Carditone strengthens the heart muscles so that they don’t have to overwork or put extra pressure than needed. Weak muscles are one of the reasons for higher blood pressure and by strengthening them, the problem would not sustain.
  • Heartbeat: The irregular heart beat is corrected by the Carditone ingredients. It has a lot to do with hypertension. By controlling hypertension, the heart beat is also regularized.
  • Heart palpitations reduction is the next benefit of Carditone. It controls the fast beating of the heart and avoids the sudden and hard beating. In short, it keeps the heart functioning under control by several methods.

Carditone ingredients

Proprietary blend

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Rose powder is a cardiac tonic and benefits the heart by strengthening the muscles. It reduces the blood pressure and improves blood circulation. It is also known to positively affect the heart palpitations.

Boerhavia diffusa is a heart and kidney tonic to maintain their functions. It is also a blood purifier to keep the toxins away.

Praval or Indian coral calcium can cure heart palpitations.


Carditone dosage

The recommended dosage for Carditone is one caplet per day. Not more than that. Overdose can cause serious issues since this deals with the heart directly.

It may very well take somewhere around 2 weeks to major difference after taking Carditone. The time limit is for those with higher blood pressure value. Those who do not have higher blood pressure can see the difference within a few days if using.

There would be 60 caplets in the Carditone bottle. One bottle would be enough for 2 months. The product is up for a subscription on many stores so that you get regular supply automatically.

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Carditone risks and side effects

Carditone is clearly not fit for pregnant and nursing women. Taking Carditone calls for plenty of precaution. It can be risky when used in conjunction with other drugs for blood pressure and heart-related medicines.

Carditone is also not without any side effects. There have been cases of side effect of this supplement. The most common side effect is nasal congestion and this is because of the presence of Rauwolfia. At the same time,
Carditone is free from any adverse side effects.

There also is a case of diarrhea, pain, and insomnia, though there is no one else who have complained the same. It might be a one-off case.

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The best way to get rid of the nasal congestion is taking one caplet every other day than taking it daily. One may adopt this manner once they have their blood pressure under control.

Carditone drug interactions

There are no specific drug interactions for Carditone. The obvious is that it should not be taking along with other blood pressure medications as the combined effects can drop the blood pressure dangerously low.

The blood thinners can also have some interactions with the ingredients in Carditone.

As for the diet, cutting down on sodium is definitely o the cards.

Carditone reviews

Carditone reviews show that the product works well for the elevated blood pressure as a side effect to other medications. It has worked well without any major side effects or no side effects at all for the majority of users.

For women who have passed the menopausal stage has got an additional benefit of relief from hot flashes after using this.

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Everyone who was successful with this says that this is the best alternative to the prescription medicine which can later be addictive.

Interestingly, one user suggests taking only half a caplet in the initial days. Due to the higher potency of the caplets, it would only be better to start low. If that dosage works well there is no need to go higher. It would also help them to get used to the product and lessen the chances of side effects.

In general, Carditone is an effective supplement to keep a check on the blood pressure. Only the time period to show the improvement remains different from one another. Overall, it is one of the best alternatives for prescription blood pressure medications.


The herbal extracts, magnesium and the minerals from the coral maintain good health not just for the heart but also for the whole body. It can regulate the cellular electrolyte and keep the body energetic also. You can easily get it online from Amazon and other online stores. If you plan to use it for a long time, you can subscribe it and get it delivered promptly.

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