Virgin Coconut oil supplement Coconut oil supplement is made of virgin coconut oil and is rich in MCTs which is directly used for energy purpose and not stored as fat deposits. MCTs are quickly absorbed because they can be broken down easily during digestion in comparison with other triglycerides. Coconut oil supplements are also being used to assist in weight loss. Buy Now Check Price Coconut oil enjoys a celebrity status among all the health remedies as it offers enormous number of health benefits. This oil is by and large used in most of the tropical countries due to its abundant availability and due toRead More →

The modern life has lot of pollutants and toxins lingering in the air. The same air we breathe every day I no longer fresh at any time of the day. If you believe your home is clean and has fresh air then you are in the wrong. A clean home is also a hub of toxic chemicals. These toxins enter in many ways and we breathe, consume, and come in contact with them every day. Here are a few toxin origins at our homes. In the kitchen: The kitchen has the toxins in the fruits and vegetables from the market. Unless they are organic, theyRead More →

Sneezing a natural way to expel any foreign body entering the breathing system. IT is most common when we are attacked by cold. But sneezing not necessarily restricted to cold but it can happen as a reaction to any airborne or seasonal allergens. Allergy is a method of defense system of the body against some substances that are usually not harmful. The body will react against these as invaders and will produce antibodies. These antibodies trigger some chemical reactions and forces sneezing and mucus. Allergies are of two kinds, airborne and seasonal. Airborne Allergies Airborne allergies are common to all the time and the allergensRead More →

I remember my first visit to the dentist. I thought it would be fun as the doctor was quite a treat for the eyes. But it didn’t last long until I came across my worst nightmare when I entered the world of anesthetic injections, tooth extractor, and the famous “dental drill”. After a humongous brouhaha of fear, palm sweating and occassional jumping from the chair, I came out of the room with a life long promise of not compromising on the health of my teeth. It became extinct though (the fear, not the teeth) after frequent visits to the doctor. Probiotics and its use: AndRead More →

Have you often felt lately that no matter how upbeat you try to be, you are left with a sober feel that keeps you blue and gloomy for no reason? Yes, you have or else you wouldn’t have landed in this page. My story – Your story I was quite a healthy baby during my childhood days (“healthy” is right now a trending tag for “fat”)…just kidding. So basically I was a “healthy kid” back then even though I was chubby. I used to play around with my friends outdoors (unlike indoor video games during these days that also add to obesity) and still hadRead More →

Therapee – Alternate treatment for bed wetting Therapee is a combination of software and a bedside alarm. A therapist guides the parent and child through a number of processes when we register for the Therapee program. Buy Now Check Price ADHD and bed wetting are so much related that we have to deal with both to see a change. Dealing with bed wetting is a tiring process for most parents and dealing with bed wetting in ADHD kids is doubly tiresome. Therapee is an alternate treatment for bed wetting without medication and is very easy to use. Bed wetting or enuresis is involuntary urination whileRead More →

Desert Farms camel milk Desert Farms camel milk contains 50% less fat and saturated fat than in cow’s milk. It provides for the 10% protein, 11% potassium, 15% phosphorous, 30% calcium, and 70% vitamin B1 of the daily nutrition. Buy NowCheck Price Desert Farms camel milk may not sound as familiar as cow’s milk. It is interesting to know that camel milk is more nutritious to us than cow’s milk. In fact, it is the closest that we humans can have in terms of nutrition and it is more nutritious for us than that. Desert Farms provides one of the best-sourced camel milk from theRead More →

Vivonex RTF The Vivonex RTF nutrition contains only 10% of the total calorie amount from fat that helps the body to tolerate the calorie intake and thus reducing the pancreatic stimulation. This eases the digestion, as only minimal effort is required to get the proper nutrition. Select Quantity123Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price People with severely compromised gastrointestinal system cannot take the normal food as we do. They cannot take the normal food, yet they need proper nutrition to go ahead. What is the solution? That solution is the Vivonex RTF complete elemental nutrition. It is a ready-to-feed liquid nutritious food for these kinds ofRead More →

Compat Enteral Feeding Pump The package of the Compat Enteral feeding pump comes with the feeding pump, wall charger, pole clamp and a user manual. The wall charger is available as a replacement in case you need it later. Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price The Compat Enteral Feeding Pump is what you need to ensure the right and controlled flow of the food into the system. It is suitable for both the pediatric as well as adult feeding programs. The feeding tube that connects through this feeding pump, is kept in its place and does not move out of place. It worksRead More →

Similac PM 60/40 Low Iron Infant Formula Powder Abbott Similac PM 60/40 Low-Iron Infant Formula is for infants vulnerable to constipation and who can benefit from lowered mineral intake. A lower iron intake is important especially for infants with impaired renal function. Select Quantity123Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Established in 1903, Abbott’s nutrition business is a division of Abbott, the global healthcare company. Abbott makes a variety of products to help adults, babies, and children grow and keep their bodies strong and healthy. Nutrition is the foundation to healthy living and Abbott Nutrition provides resources to help people live their best life. Similac PMRead More →