Therapee – Alternate treatment for bed wetting Therapee is a combination of software and a bedside alarm. A therapist guides the parent and child through a number of processes when we register for the Therapee program. Buy Now Check Price ADHD and bed wetting are so much related that we have to deal with both to see a change. Dealing with bed wetting is a tiring process for most parents and dealing with bed wetting in ADHD kids is doubly tiresome. Therapee is an alternate treatment for bed wetting without medication and is very easy to use. Bed wetting or enuresis is involuntary urination whileRead More →

Bed Wetting Therapies – Child/Infant Bed-wetting Enuresis Alarm Sensor For most of the kids, bedwetting gets better with wait and watch approach. But it’s crucial to rule out the cause if it persists or the condition relapses on its own after 10 years of age. Buy Now Check Price Change of bed sheets during midnight is a common episode for parent having younger children. Bed wetting is one of the common sleep disorders that are mainly common among children. It will not be called as a disorder for those kids younger than 5years old. However, if the child persists to wet the bed continuously evenRead More →