We all love chocolate and so do the dogs. Dogs have a sweet tooth that makes them taste it. But beware, chocolate is too toxic for dogs. Chocolate has a compound that is similar to that of caffeine that can affect the vitals f the dog. This stimulant is theobromine and its amount differs in different chocolates but all the same. The theobromine in chocolate affects directly the heart, kidneys and central nervous system of the dogs. The symptoms will be seen within 4-24 hours of consumption. Depending on the amount the stimulant is present in the chocolate the intensity and the [ace at whichRead More →

Ear Clean Gold – Petwellbeing Ear Clean Gold is a herbal oil that consists of a collection of herb extracts formulated together for effective cleaning and have anti-microbial activity. Buy Now Check Price Ear mites is one of the most common problems which could lead to complicated issues in the future of your dogs. If not taken care of, ear mites could go deeper into your dog’s Ears making it harder to treat, leading to a lot of discomfort in your dog’s health. Signs of Ear mites should be watched for and regular cleaning of a dog’s ears are always recommended by doctors. You can watchRead More →

Mother’s Milk Mother’s Milk is created to provide optimal nutrition for both kittens and puppies whose natural mother’s milk may be insufficient or unavailable. Buy Now Check Price Wysong Corporation was established in 1979 to provide the pet owners with several beneficial pet food products and supplements. After its extensive research for more than twenty years, it has created all its products for dogs, cats, ferrets, equine and humans keeping in mind health as a serious and foremost factor. Its broad variety of diets are scientifically formulated and proven to help enhance your pet health. Wysong dog supplements are designed to offer living food essentialsRead More →

Epigen Canned Diets Epigen Canned Diets is offered to you in six different varieties – Beef, Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, Salmon and Turkey. Buy Now Check Price Established in 1979, Wysong Corporation is developing and producing several varieties of pet foods and pet supplements. Its internal team of pet doctorate professionals are involved in formulation all its products. In addition, unlike other pet food companies, Wysong produces all its products in their own manufacturing facilities. Wysong offer a number of dog food products categorized under raw dog food, dry dog food, canned dog food and dog supplements. Its canned dog diets are designed to offer varietyRead More →

Blood Sugar Gold Blood sugar gold unique formula will help in supporting the blood sugar levels in your dogs. This product utilizes the best known herbs for the maintenance of blood sugar levels in the dog. This product also contains herbs that support their liver and eye health. Buy NowCheck Price Blood sugar gold For Dogs Blood Sugar Gold  natural remedy for diabetes and high blood sugar in dogs.Diabetes is a common disease in dogs now. The top Dog diabetes signs can help you diagnose the disease and take care in administering the right treatment before it goes worse. Dogs these days are affected by diabetes due toRead More →

Kidney Support Gold Kidney Support Gold – Dog Kidney Disease Support. Helps maintain energy levels, urination and thirst (hydration), appetite and weight, general vitality and immune support. Select Quantity123Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Dogs are wonderful pets and they do require special attention apart from just the regular feeding and vet appointments. Just like human beings dogs also undergo various ailments which can range from mild to severe conditions. So a pet dog should be taken care of properly and like always, prevention is better than cure so try to make the best possible choices when it is regarding your pet. In this articleRead More →

Itchy Owie Itchy owie or other treatments which are natural could help soothe itches and skin problems. Having Itchy owie handy could save you and your dog a lot of discomfort. Buy Now Check Price When was the last time your dog came running home and hid under the couch after being stung by a bee. Have you ever had a situation where your dog start to howl and bark all of a sudden in the park? Stings by bees and any other insect could be avoidable for some, but for most dogs , specially the ones that are extremely playful or naughty, you cannot avoid it.Read More →

DentaTreat It is a tasty, natural and effective dentifrice treat for dogs as it uses the proven valuable properties of cheeses, minerals, probiotics, and other natural ingredients. Buy Now Check Price Wysong based on healthy and holistic approach is developing dog food, treats and supplements. Its products have been fed to thousands of pets throughout several generations over three decades. These heath optimizing, nutrition and care products are developed in their own manufacturing facilities to offer you the healthiest pet foods and supplements. Its supplements are designed to help restore the important food components lost during processing. A wide range of dog supplements contains supplementsRead More →

Better-Bladder Control – Bladder Support The Better-Bladder Control granules are very convenient and are easily dissolvable in the food or water. It makes it easier to administer to the dogs without any fuss. Buy Now Check Price Does your dog have ‘accidental leakage’, have a habit of wetting the bedding or wet hair at the lower abdominal area, then it will need the assistance of Better-Bladder control granules. The Better-Bladder Control granules help relieve this incontinence. It is a natural remedy to reduce these dribbling accidents and also to strengthen the bladder muscles to have more control. The sphincter muscles located near the urethra areRead More →

Veterinarian’s Best Flea Itch Relief Spray  For Dogs Fleas are one of the annoyed creatures that seems to disturb the pets every now and then. Their infestations cause hot, itchy, burning swelling and when the dog tries to ease the itch, it results in bruised, raw, and puffy skin. Do the irritation stops there no! The stinging itch still goes on. If your dog is in misery by the extreme itching and annoyed skin caused by fleas, give him Veterinarians Best Flea Itch Relief Spray. It gently soothes the raw areas and calms and moisturizes the red irritated skin and relieves discomfort and itching thatRead More →