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Donjoy Iceman Knee Pad/Ankle Wrap – Cold Therapy Unit

Donjoy Iceman Knee Pad/Ankle Wrap

Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit is a motorized system that stores water in the clear container body. This body is connected to the relevant pads through a hose. Fill the container with water and let it get cooled. This cold water runs to the pads and keeps the joint comfortable.

Cold therapy is what you need when you have a swelling or inflammation of your joints. It would not do to hold the ice pack for a long time and is also not an easy task to do. The cold therapy devices are the convenient way to ease this task and get the swellings under control. The cold water in the joint cuffs would eventually lose its temperature and get warmer. This Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit can detect this change in temperature and circulates fresh cold water into the cuffs. Isn’t it easy!

Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit

Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit is a motorized system that stores water in the clear container body. This body is connected to the relevant pads through a hose. Fill the container with water and let it get cooled. This cold water runs to the pads and keeps the joint comfortable. When the water in the pads gets warmer with the body temperature, the system works automatically to pump cold water to it.

The motor with which the Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit works is efficient to keep the cold water cool for a long time of 8 hours. Connect the therapy unit to the cuff that you are using or attaching. Simply plug in the system to the power outlet and switch on the power.

It is one easy way to maintain the consistent cold water in the cuffs and you also don’t need to replace the ice every now and then. When the ice can melt in no time, the cold water from the Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit can stay at the same temperature for a long time and you can get the much-needed relief for longer than you usually do.

Donjoy Iceman pads

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The Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit can work with many pads suitable for the different joints of the body. One needs to get the appropriate type of cuff to get the full benefits. There is universal pad as well as the pads that are joint specific.

These pads are attached to the Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit with the help of the built-in hose of the therapy unit. The hose could be sterile or non-sterile. That, you can choose while purchasing. You can also get the dual pad connector that connects 2 such pads when you have more than 1 joint that has the swelling and needs relief.

  • Donjoy Iceman knee pad: The Donjoy Iceman knee pad is also the universal pad that can be used for any part of the body. It has an inlet to attach the hose from the Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit. This double layered pad can be filled with the water from the unit. The pad does not need to be held throughout the therapy session. It can be wrapped about over the knees, shoulder or the ankles.
  • The Donjoy Iceman knee wrap is wrapped around the affected knee and fastened with the help of a Velcro hook. The wraps are made of stretchable material so that you can stretch it to fit over your joints tightly. This is specifically made for knees and cannot be used for other joints. It measures to about 10.85 x 11.34 inches in size.
  • Donjoy Iceman ankle wrap: The ankle wrap obviously goes on the ankle. It is made in such a way that it stays firm around the ankle and can be tightened with the locking system. It has the connected hose attached to it.
  • Donjoy iceman for the shoulder is available as the shoulder wraps. It can be wrapped around the shoulder and fasten it. Connect it to the therapy unit to get the relief you seek. The shoulder wrap is available in small and regular sizes. They measure 14 x 23 x 12.5 inches and 12.75 x 19 x 12.25 inches respectively.
  • There also are other Donjoy Iceman pads in the rectangular shape as well in the universal shape. These pads are handheld and can be removed as per convenience.

Using the Donjoy Iceman pads or wraps

The Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit is a prescription enabled product. You need to submit the doctor’s prescription to purchase the same. It needs the physician’s advice on how to use and how long to use.
The general usage period is a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. Using it for longer is not advisable. When you use the Donjoy Iceman wraps or pads of any kind, you need to wrap a moisture barrier underneath. Place a towel around the affected area before you wrap the therapy cuffs around it.

You will get the Donjoy sterile dressings to be worn under the wraps or pads as the moisture barrier. These sterile dressings are available in universal for the universal pad or wraps, for ankle, shoulder and also in the rectangle shape for the similarly shaped pads.

  • Post-operative use: Always keep the sterile pads under the wraps or pads for the post-surgery use of the Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit. The wrap can be placed on the affected area, cover with any braces required, over this. You can also leave the water filled wrap or pad on the area and disconnect it from the therapy unit by closing the hose.
  • Non-operative use: For the non-operative use, place the pad or wrap directly on the affected area.
    When the unit is not in use, drain the water from both the unit as well as from the wraps and pads. Allow them to dry completely and then store in a cool and dry place.

When to use Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit

Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit is used as a continuous cold therapy unit to reduce the swellings in the joint after an injury or a surgery. It reduces the need to take too much of the anti-inflammatory medications. it eases the pain in the affected areas as well.

The Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit and the wraps or pads make the joint function properly and speed up the recovery rate. It can sure improve the quality of the recovering. It is available with a regular sized hose or with an extended length of the hose.


When you have a joint swelling, and is in need of too many medications for the cure, this Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit comes handy. It reduces the need for the painkillers too often and can also bring the inflammation down without having to take medications. It could be one of the natural ways to ease the joints after it has undergone any trauma.

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