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Femmesil Cream The One Stop Solution For Feminine Problems

Femmesil Cream Yeast Infection For Vaginal Health

Femmesil cream can do wonders and improve your vaginal health. This product Uses anti-fungal ingredients and contains natural oils and minerals. It provides relief from itching, odor, inflammation, excess discharge, soreness, irritation and uneasiness. It is free from harsh chemicals and preservatives.

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Women are the most gifted creatures in this world. They are Mother Nature themselves who give birth and nurture life. They tackle all the problems and move forward with hope and positivity. Problems are common in their life and they know how to deal with it in every possible way. However when it comes to feminine problems at least some tend to shy away and suffer. Get it straight “yeast infections are common and around 75% of the women suffer from this condition at some point in their lives”. Do not think that you are alone and there are simple solutions to tackle this issue. Femmesil cream can do wonders and improve your vaginal health.

Educate yourself about vaginal health issues and find a permanent solution using Femmesil cream. Learn about this fascinating product from Aidance skincare.

About Aidance skincare

Aidance Skincare aims at offering therapeutic skincare solutions for both physicians and customers across the world. They have developed a handful of successful remedies that helps people to deal with certain medical conditions.

Aidance Skincare have a loyal base of customers in over 150 countries. They have a team of professional and state of the art research facility that focuses on developing all-natural skin treatments. To add to the list, they have international patents and remarkable discoveries to their credit. All their products revolve around proven science and positive customer feedbacks. Aidance skincare aims at educating people around the world about skin conditions and solutions. This organization helps customers with beneficial natural ingredients and safe treatments methods.

Femmesil Cream In A Quick Glance

  • One stop solution for feminine problems and the best relief system available
  • Powerful OTC registered remedy
  • Uses organic and natural ingredients
  • Provides relief from itching, odor, inflammation, excess discharge, soreness, irritation and uneasiness
  • Faster results in yeast infection elimination compared to other brands
  • Restores the natural ph and promotes natural vaginal balance
  • Quick results in a matter of 1 to 3 days in most of the cases
  • Uses anti-fungal ingredients and contains natural oils and minerals
  • Free from harsh chemicals and preservatives
  • Backed by research and carefully formulated by professionals
  • Made in USA and 90-day money back guarantee
  • Comes in easy to squeeze tube

What Is Femmesil Cream?

Femmesil is a vaginal cream that contains activated minerals and other natural ingredients. This cream helps to soothe, calm, and heal the body naturally. It contains natural oils, moisturizers and other minerals that helps the skin to return to its normalcy. Dry and irritated areas quickly heal with the help of this cream.

It is one of the best creams available currently that manages to eliminate yeast infections with the help of powerful ingredients. It helps to restore the natural balance of the vaginal area and prevents irritation.

Ingredients Of Femmesil cream

Femmesil cream is ultra-soothing and contains a patented blend of activated minerals. The natural ingredients nurture and heal the skin thoroughly. It is capable of treating the toughest yeast infections and customers have reported improvement within few days of use.

Femmesil cream contains an Active Ingredient – Clotrimazole at 1%. This acts as the anti-fungal agent and protects from yeast infections.

Other Inactive Ingredients include:

  • Bentonite (volcanic clay)
  • Distilled water
  • Natural oils like Peppermint oil, Jojoba seed oil and tea tree oil
  • Silver oxide
  • Zinc oxide

Does This Cream Contain Any Harsh Chemicals And Toxins?

Most of the products available contain harsh substance and skin irritants. They are themselves a trouble instead of providing cure to the ongoing problem. Femmesil cream is unique and offers quick relief from yeast infections and most of recurring symptoms. It helps to treat fungus problems and help you lead a normal life.

The positive side is that this cream is free from harsh chemicals, dyes, and preservatives. It contains all natural ingredients. This cream actually treats the problems from its roots and fights yeast infections 8 times faster than other brands.

How To Apply – Femmesil Cream

You can use this cream both topically and inside the vagina. Give a good shake before dispensing the cream out of the tube.

To start with, take a small squeeze in your fingertip and apply for 2-3 time daily. Repeat this for 3 days to as longer needed to treat the problem. This cream is not for children below 12 years. Store the cream at room temperature after use with the cap closed properly.

Femmesil Ultra Therapy Vs Femmesil Cream

Femmesil ultra therapy is intended for a complete vaginal relief. It is different and helps to treat vaginal discomfort and recurring problems. Both are different and so better do not confuse while buying. Both are good at what they do and provide the best possible solutions. If you like to have complete relief then you can go for the ultra therapy else you can always rely on Femmesil cream for minor problems.

Precautions & Warnings

  • Meant for vaginal use only
  • Only use if you have a diagnosed vaginal infection by a doctor
  • If you have fever, excess discharge and pain in the lower abdomen then consult a doctor prior to using this cream.
  • Keep away from having vaginal intercourse while using this product as it may not serve its purpose
  • If you have itching, shoulder pain, fever , chills for the first time then consult a doctor
  • If you have, frequent yeast infections then meet a doctor to understand the underlying condition. (other causes may be pregnancy, weakened immune system or other medical conditions like diabetes)
  • Do not use tampons, douches, spermicides and other related products while using Femmesil cream
  • You can expect mild irritation and burning sensation initially
  • If the symptoms do not improve or gets worse , discontinue using the product and consult a doctor
  • If you find no results within a week then stop using
  • Keep away from children
  • Ask a doctor if you have allergies, pregnant and breast feeding
  • If ingested then call poison control and seek medical help immediately

Femmesil Cream: How Does It Work?

It is an exceptional healing cream with effective natural formulation. Femmesil is OTC-compliant and contains active ingredients that prevent vaginal discomfort. It works by eliminating yeast growth and restores the natural balance. It starts working on the symptoms and provides relief from itchiness, irritation, soreness, burning sensation, odor issues, and excess discharge.

You do not have to be bothered about getting back home amidst your busy schedules just feel easy. Femmesil is free from chemicals and parabens that are harmful. The natural oils offer a moisturizing effect and soothe the skin. These oils are nutrient-rich and have the ability to repair the dry skin quickly. The results are so quick and customers have reported tangible results after using this cream.

Jojoba Oil is one of the main ingredients that are rich in nutrients and long-lasting moisturizers. It is capable of repairing the dry skin and removes scaly areas. Peppermint oil is a famous soothing agent for skin and used since centuries. This oil along with tea tree oil offers cicatrizant properties. Both these oils support tissue development and helps in quick recovery from skin problems. These three essential oils work together to promote healthy skin and improved vaginal health.

Taking about the patented activated minerals, they help in speedy relief from irritation. The proprietary blend includes volcanic clay that is best suited for treated skin problems. This cream also contains silver oxide and zinc oxide that helps to enhance the performance of the cream. All the ingredients in this cream work for the same purpose that is to treat skin problems.

Buy Femmesil cream

You can buy Femmesil cream online from Aidance skincare and registered affiliate sites. This cream is also available at various retail outlets like Walgreens, Wal-Mart and other pharmaceutical stores. You can also purchase Femmesil from Amazon.

Femmesil Money-Back Guarantee Offer

Aidance products including Femmesil come with a full refund. Generally, results are visible within few days but since each person is different, you should wait for a few days more. If after using Femmesil you do not find any results then you can apply for a refund.

Once you buy the product and if you are dissatisfied then you have 90 days duration to return the product. Aidance skin care offers hassle free refund. Unlike other brands Aidance skincare does not mind even if you return an empty tube. They let you use the product for 90 days and take your own time to pass a judgment. This shows their confidence in their product. Aidance skincare reports that only 3% of the buyers have chose to return this product and rest all are satisfied. Note that the total refund deducts the shipping charges.

Customer support from Aidance skincare

If you have, more queries related to Femmesil and related products you can place a call at
877- 424-3262 Or email at support@AidanceSkincare.com. International Callers can call at customer service line by dialing 001-781-989-9586.

Customer Reviews

Femmesil cream is one of the best creams at all the online forums. Majority of the customers recommend this product wholeheartedly and with full confidence. They say that it helps women to get over feminine problems.

Linda says “I would give five stars and it works simply great. I do not have to run to the washroom frequently to feel better”.

Jane says “wonderful product and works great. Easy to apply and fast delivery”

A bunch of customers says that the product works in the best possible way but they have an issue with the container. They say that it is hard to squeeze the cream out and it takes some time to come out. Over all they say that the cream works naturally and is safe to use.


If you have, vaginal problems then do not think it as a taboo and keep mum. You have solutions that are discreet and easily available. Aidance skincare experts are always there to help you out with their products and services. Bring out your best and lead a healthy life. Stay away from yeast infections and promote vaginal health using Femmesil cream.

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