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FiberMend Thorne Research Side Effects, Ingredients, Reviews

Thorne Research FiberMend For Digestive Health

FiberMend contains the soluble fiber along with some other nutrients that are beneficial for the body. It helps with the digestion, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar control etc.

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Fiber is something the body cannot use in any way but is an essential nutrient for it. Fiber is unusable, either in the soluble form or in the insoluble form, but it makes a bulk in the digestive system that has its benefits for the body. Our daily diet should have a good portion of fiber with each meal. But when we screw up the diet with the pace of the life, we will have to rely on the fiber supplements such as FiberMend to have the daily portion.

FiberMend contains the soluble fiber along with some other nutrients that are beneficial for the body. It helps with the digestion, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar control etc.

FiberMend benefits

  • Digestion: Having the soluble fiber, FiberMend makes a bulk in the stomach. It helps eliminate the solid waste from the digestive system. It mobilizes things inside the intestine and makes digestion easier and effective. The non-digestive fiber stimulates more digestive juices to make the digestion effective. Moreover, it makes a bulk that moves the bowels to make it regular and easier. Fiber is the ultimate solution for constipation.
  • Sugar control: FiberMend can help lower the sugar uptake into the blood and control the spike in blood sugar levels. With the digestion being slower, there will be less release of the nutrients into the blood, including that of glucose. People with diabetes or on the verge of diabetes should take lots of fiber in the diet to control their sugar level.
  • Appetite control: The soluble fiber in the FiberMend can absorb plenty of water and make a mass in the stomach. It makes the person feel fuller to make him eat less. It keeps fuller for a long time so that one may avoid the sugar cravings and untimely snacking.
  • Weight management: FiberMend could be a solution for the weight loss efforts. As mentioned, the mass that is created by the fiber can make the person feel fuller. This will result in taking in fewer calories in the diet and helps in the weight management.
  • Prebiotics: FiberMend is a prebiotic formula that stimulates the production of good bacteria in the gut. The probiotics generally promote the growth of the bacteria, while this fiber will stimulate the bacterial growth altogether to have more population.

FiberMend helps prevent the common digestive problems like gas, bloating etc and keep the digestive system in good condition.

Thorne Research FiberMend ingredients

It is a plant-based formula that has the fiber taken from plants along with other nutrients that are herbal based.

  • Arabinogalactan is a form of soluble fiber that is fermented in the intestine. This fermenting stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus. It ends up boosting the immune system and also helps in preventing cancer, especially that in the liver cells. It can trigger the production of more killer cells that prevents the extreme cell division.
  • Pectin is another soluble fiber that can form a gel like in the stomach. It attracts water to it and basically slows down the digestion to have slower absorption of the nutrients. Pectin is also effective by lowering the bad cholesterol and being a possible preventive measure against colon cancer. It is also found to be effective for controlling the blood sugar.
  • Prune powder has laxative effects to keep the mobility inside the intestine. The antioxidant effects also come into play to prevent inflammations. It is the ultimate solution for constipation. It can also promote the growth of gut bacteria.
  • Green Tea phytosome is packed with antioxidants of various kinds. They are protective of the cells in the liver and that takes part in the metabolic activities. It has fat burning effects to help in weight management.
  • Other ingredients: Rice bran, partially hydrolyzed guar gum, soluble fiber, fat, carbohydrates etc.

FiberMend dosage

FiberMend is in powdered form that can be mixed with any liquid. It mixes in readily and can be taken in a jiffy. Mix about 2 level scoops of FiberMend in about 8 oz of water or any juice of your choice. Mix it well and drink it once every day. A single container could deliver about 30 servings. It is safe to take every day.

FiberMend Side effects

There are no reports of any kind of side effects with FiberMend. But being fiber supplement, it may cause a spell of diarrhea or constipation. Constipation may arise in case you are not taking enough water with the powder and after the powder. FiberMend is soluble fiber so it needs plenty of water to make it movable.

As for diarrhea, the sudden onset of too much fiber in the system could trigger more bile production and thus diarrhea. The key is, to add fiber in fewer amounts at first and then increase the dosage gradually. Take just half a scoop on day 1. Take 1 scoop the next day and if all goes well increase it the next day. This way you can spot the right amount your body can tolerate without causing many problems.

Another possibility of side effects is when the person is allergic to any of the individual ingredients in it. Check for the possible side effects of the individual ingredients and have a talk with your physician for bets results.

FiberMend Reviews

The general review about FiberMend is that it is easy to use as it is readily mixing in the liquid medium. The powder is also lighter. There have been no side effects thus far. It has helped many with the detox program in getting rid of the processed food stuff.

It has not caused any bloating as in the case of other fiber supplements. The price of the product is also economical. The odorless and tasteless powder is convenient to mix with any juice or beverage.


FiberMend is an easy way to incorporate a healthy portion of the fiber in the daily diet. You don’t need to take it separately. Add it to the smoothies, shakes or simply in the glass of juice. It does not change the flavor of the drink and you will get the fiber you needed.

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