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Standard Process Hepatrophin PMG

Hepatrophin prevents the liver damage. It is good for cellular health and also good to remedy iron deficiency anemia. It can alleviate fatigue in the body by providing energy producing vitamins and by eliminating toxins from the body.

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Hepatrophin PMG is a liver extract supplement to strengthen the liver and also to boost the health of a person. It supplies a package of peptides, nucleotides, and minerals that are beneficial for the body. It is good for cellular health and also good to remedy iron deficiency anemia. It can alleviate fatigue in the body by providing energy producing vitamins and by eliminating toxins from the body.

Mainly Hepatrophin PMG supports liver and its function and prevents the liver damage. Since the liver is the centre of many of the metabolic activities, it is important to maintain the good health of this organ or improve it when it is down. The animal liver, beef liver, contains the same and closest character as a human liver and can provide the same needed nutrients for its benefit.

Hepatrophin PMG Ingredients

There is only one ingredient in the Hepatrophin PMG that is the Bovine liver PMG extract. It has 320 mg of bovine liver PMG extract. The other ingredients are honey and calcium stearate.

The Bovine liver PMG extract is the liver extract of beef that is high in vitamin B12 and other nutrients to help the cellular health, energy production and blood health of the person.

It also has liver tissue regenerating ability, prevent liver damage, reduce allergies, help in muscle development, and improve the strength and stamina for athletes and also in natural detoxification of the body.

Health benefit of Hepatrophin supplement is that it supports the cellular growth and controls the antibody action in the affected area. This supplement can neutralize the antibodies and maintain the cells.

It contains lots of vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid that are important for the blood health. Lack of this vitamin could lead to anemia. It can increase the red blood cell count and reduce anemia.

Hepatrophin dosage: Hepatrophin must be taken 1 tablet per meal.

Side effects: There are no major side effects of using Hepatrophin PMG.

Hepatrophin PMG for dogs

Hepatrophin is useful not just for humans but can also be used for dogs. It has been prescribed by vets for the liver support of the dogs. Cancer affected liver of the liver gets great support with this supplement.

Hepatrophin Reviews

  • Linda has anemia and ever since she started taking Hepatrophin PMG supplements. Her iron count has increased satisfactorily.
  • Another user has used it for his dog that has higher liver count which was reduced with the help of this supplement.


Since the liver is an important organ that has control over almost all the other organs, its good health is as important as you are breathing. This Hepatrophin could be the most reliable option to improve the liver health and to cure anything wrong with the liver. The added advantage of blood health improvement could reflect absolutely positive for the body with more energy and stamina. You can get the Hepatrophin PMG supplement online from Amazon and other online stores.

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