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Homeopathic Remedies – Get Rid of Body and Pubic Lice

Crab louse betterly known as Pubic Lice or Pubic Louse is a parasite that feeds on pubic hair or other areas of body such as eyelashes, beard, moustache, legs etc. They thrive on human blood and can be seen in adults to whom it is transferred via close contacts (such as sexual transmission) or through sharing common clothing, towels, bed sheets etc. Pubic crabs attach themselves to more than one hair and cannot move as fast as other types of lice which are available in scalp.

Symptoms of body lice:

Some of the main symptoms to notice is itching in the particular area or blue spots are visible where the lice has fed. You can also notice redness in the skin and unusually excessive itching at night due to sensitivity of louse saliva. You will also notice tiny brown spots of lice poop in your skin or your underwear. If you are not able to find a body lice, check for nits in that area and if you are unsure about the infestation, check with the doctor for proper medication.

credits: http://www.natural-homeremedies.com/
credits: http://www.natural-homeremedies.com/

About Genitrex

Over-the-counter medicines are available though it is best recommended to consult your doctor. Health care professionals treat pubic crabs or pubic louses by using insecticides. Normally body lotions containing permethrin or piperonyl butoxide are beneficial in treating crab louse. Though it can give side effects like increase in itching of the skin due to its stinging content or swelling of throat or nausea in some cases. It is therefore suggested to treat your body in a mild, soothing way by using the natural homeopathic medicine known as Genitrex which is available for online purchasing.

The ingredients in the shampoo contain natural base such as Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, Neem Oil and Anise Oil along with other contents such as Citric Acid, Oleander, Staphysagria etc. which while shampooing kills the lice and removes the glue that holds the lice and its nits to the hair and dissolves it. Overall, there are no side-effects to Genitrex. But it is overall recommended not to bring it in contact with eyes. If accidentally consumed, rush to your nearest doctor immediately.

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