Homeopathic ways to improve Estrogen during Menopause

Estro-life For Menopause

The signs and symptoms of menopause can disrupt and fully change the daily activities of a woman’s life. There is a rapid fluctuation and reduction of hormones produced in a woman’s body. Estro-life has been reportedly giving best results.

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To begin with, Menopause signifies the end of the fertile phase of a woman’s life. It happens in the midlife around the age of late 40’s and early 50’s and can be an unpleasant time. Besides, it occurs when there is an end of the primary function of the ovaries i.e. the ripening and production of ova and also the hormones that aids in the creation of the uterate lining and also its shedding which is called the menses.
The signs and symptoms of menopause can disrupt and fully change the daily activities of a woman’s life. There is a rapid fluctuation and reduction of hormones produced in a woman’s body. Moreover, low estrogen levels in the body can cause vaginal atrophy, skin drying, hot flashes, mood changes, formication like itching, crawling or tingling sensation of skin, depression, anxiety, palpitations, memory problems, lack of concentration, increased risk of atherosclerosis, migraine, watery discharge, urinary urgency, back pain, joint paint, breast tenderness and atrophy, sleep disturbances, fatigue and many many more.

EndoPure Estro (Estrogen Homeopathic)

This EndoPure Estro is an estrogen homeopathic product that acts as an estrogen supplement during menopause. Overall, EndoPure is most effective when you use it as a homeopathic product. If the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes occur and are acute, use the EndoPure Estro every hour or even every 15 minutes until you are relieved of the symptoms. Above all, the formula should be used as directed on the label or in accordance to the custom five element saliva test program. If the conditions appear to be chronic, use as directed on the label. Use the EndoPure Estro more often for acute symptoms or until these symptoms go away after which you can continue to use it according to the saliva test. Similarly, EndoPure Estro has been reportedly giving best results when used during the entire month.

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Saliva testing is done to know the baseline hormone levels during the menopause. Equally, there can be changes from using NuFem or EndoPure which can be tested using saliva testing as well. You can purchase a salivary test using the recommendations from NuFem and also add an Endopure formula. These are Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation programs that have been registered with the FDA. Above all, they have histories of research and actually work with no side effects.

Ingredients of EndoPure Estro

The ingredients of EndoPure Estro are Cortisol 6C, adrenal 6C, pineal 6C, estrogeninum 6X, estradiolinum 6X, estriol 6X, pituitary 6C, hypothalamus 6C, ovarinum 6C, cheladonium 6c, sepia 12C, lilium tigrinum 12C, sulfur (mineral) 12C, sanguinara candensis 6C, belladonna 6C and pulsatilla 12C. The inactive ingredients of EndoPure Estro are demineralized water and 25 % of ethanol.

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