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Hudson RCI Micro Mist Nebulizer

Using and cleaning a nebulizer that is used with its mouthpiece is very difficult. Not only does the user has to balance the nebulizer between the lips for as long as it takes, you need to regularly wash and clean the mouthpiece. For those who have this difficulty can now have the easy to use Hudson RCI Micro Mist nebulizer that delivers the medication in the form of mist. The mist is then taken into the respiratory system using a mask that relaxes the mouth. The user can simply wrap the mask around the head and sit back until the medication continues.

Hudson RCI micro mist nebulizer specifications

  • The Hudson RCI 1885 micro-mist nebulizer mask comes with a 7 ft long tubing that takes the mist from the nebulizer cup to the mask.
  • The mask is made of plastic with breaking resistance and also with an anti-spill column. There is also a threading done on the cap to reduce the loss of any medication. The medications used in nebulizers are often costly and with this micro-mist nebulizer, this medication is well preserved and fully utilized.
  • The product comes with a mask, tubing, nebulizer cup, jet and a jar. The jet can stay in its place unless removed manually.
  • The threaded cap protects the liquid in the 6 cc capacity jar. The connectors for the tubing are also included in the pack.
  • The flow rate of the device is 8 LPM.
  • The mask included here is meant for adults.

Why choose Hudson RCI micro-mist nebulizer mask?

The nebulizer set with the disposable mouthpiece is a far better cry from this Hudson RCI 1885 micro-mist nebulizer mask on usage purpose. But this with the mask is economical than the disposable mouthpiece sets.
Moreover, the Hudson RCI 1885 micro-mist nebulizer mask delivers the medications directly into the respiratory system. It is beneficial for the elderly people who have great difficulty in having something in their mouth for longer. This mask can be worn around their head and they can actually take rest.

You can also avail the adult nebulizer mask with the 7 ft tubing to be used with the other nebulizers from Hudson. It is available as 50 pieces in a case for maximum or as a single piece.

Hudson RCI Micro Mist Nebulizer

Hudson RCI Micro Mist Nebulizer

by Hudson RCI 4 out of 5 stars (37 Customer Ratings)

Price: $1.65
The Hudson RCI 1885 micro-mist nebulizer mask is light weight, comes as a complete set, and is portable.

Reasonable Product

4 stars out of 5 by for Hudson RCI Micro Mist Nebulizer

I got it for my sons. This device let the the mist out a little slower and I feel likes he get it better when it comes out slower.

As for the working mechanism, the nebulizer jar contains the liquid medicine that is pumped by the jet to make the microparticles of the medication. This micro-mist carries the microparticles into the respiratory system that can work faster than the oral medication. Hudson RCI 1885 micro-mist nebulizer mask comes as a complete set so you don’t need to look for other accessories.

Bottom Line

The best reason why you should have the Hudson RCI 1885 micro-mist nebulizer mask is that it can be used for the patients who are lying. The device is set to work in even at the angle of 90 degrees to serve this purpose. Do check with the online traders to see if you need a prescription to purchase this nebulizer.

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