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Inflammatone is a powerful product from the brand ‘ Designs for health’. This product mainly supports our lymphatic system. It is a powerful formula which is manufactured using many unique processes with advanced science and power of enzyme technology.
The powerful Inflammatone provides a natural action against any inflammation and its problems and also provides a healthy protection to our cells. The ingredients present in  Inflammatone include natural herbs, proteolytic enzymes, and nutrients. It provides a perfect balance to the lymphatic system by modulating the responses due to any inflammation; it naturally clears proteins like kinin and fibrin.
The modern medicine has made a lot of improvements and has conducted many studies and clinical trials on this segment. Studies and research confirm that there may be many serious problems or disorders associated with inflammation present in our body. This wide study suggests the need for an additional health energy supplement called Inflammatone which provides a protection and controls the inflammatory process in multiple metabolic pathways.

Inflammatone Customer Reviews & User Ratings

Customers who have used Inflammatone seem to be happy with its result. This is mainly becaus eof the following reasons.

Inflammatone has a various number of metabolic pathways that give a response to the inflammatory process. Unlike most of the anti-inflammatory drugs, Inflammatone is reported to be free of GI irritation.  It also has cancer metastasis property preventing the risk of cancer proliferation. Inflammatone also has known anti- asthmatic actions. There were reported a few effects of corticosteroids without side effects from it.So most of the customers benefitted by the use of this Inflammatone supplement.

As this has an anti thrombotic effect- it can lead to increase in bleeding at times.More Details »

Designs For Health Inflammatone Ingredients

It is a perfect health supplement to boost our immune system. 2 capsules of Inflammatone contains

  • 222mg of n zimes proprietary blend
  • 50000 HUT of protease 6.0 concentrate
  • 40000 HUT of protease 4.5
  • 25mg of trypsin 1:150
  • 10000 U of serrazimes
  • 2 USP units of chymotrypsin
  • 200 mg standardized turmeric which is the root of curcuma longa to standardize 95 percent of curcumin
  • 200mg of boswellia resin standardized to contain 60 percent of boswellic acid
  • 200 mg of ginger which is root of zingiber officianale which is standardized to contain 5 percent of gingerols
  • 75mg of quercitin
  • 75mg of rutin
  • 50mg of rosemary
  • 3 mg of resveratrol which is the root of polygonum cuspidatium which is standardized to contain 20 percent of reservatrol.

The other ingredients in the Inflammatone are microcrystalline cellulose, water, and vegetable cellulose.More Details »

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How does inflammation happen?

Inflammation occurs due to any foreign attack or when an unexpected body reaction occurs. It is a process by which the body provides a natural response to an injury or infection. Inflammation is mostly accompanied by many signs like swelling and redness in the affected areas. An excess amount of inflammation is also dangerous to our body. Actually whenever an antigen or foreign body attacks, the body will counteract by releasing antibodies and attack against them. When any such attacks occur our body will increase the no of antibodies and the immune system is boosted to attack the foreign substance. When we have any infection, the body temperature tends to increase which is an example of inflammation or the body’s counterattack.

Some products are formed after this immune system attack against an infection leading to other health problems. The Inflammatone helps the immune system in such a way that it avoids the metabolites formed after any inflammatory reaction and eliminates them and boosts our immune system. In chronic diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, our own antibodies will attack our vital organs which lead to a chronic inflammation and later results in many other health disorders. Like this due to chronic inflammation, people tend to experience inflammation throughout the entire body.

Herbal remedy for inflammation

Chronic inflammation is mostly caused by poor health. Some people lack exercise, while some people often consume a lot of unwanted medicines. Some have the habit of smoking and drinking and some eat a poor diet. All these factors will lead to a series of health problems due to the suppression of their immune system caused by their unhealthy practices in day to day life. As body’s immune power is reduced body will be more prone to infection and thus the occurrence of chronic inflammation. Thus we need an additional health supplement like this ‘Designs for Health’ Inflammatone to overcome the problems due to any inflammation, to boost our natural immune system.

About Designs for health

Inflammatone is developed by ‘Designs for health’. It is a professional company with advanced infrastructure and technologies providing many nutritional and health supplements like Inflammatone for improving the health of people. They have an extensive range of nutritional products designed after a lot of clinical studies and research. Designs for health, the manufacturer of Inflammatone was founded in the year 1989 by Jonathan and Linda Lizotte. Designs of health is a fast growing company in health food market.

Is inflammatone certified? Yes, they are certified by GMP.

Inflammatone ingredients

It contains ingredients like turmeric, quericitin, rutin, rosemary and resveratrol have a good antioxidant function. They counteract against the oxidative stress in the body and provides protection from the free radicals and provides healthy cells. Oxidative stress increases the inflammation in the body. In fact, it also helps to decrease the inflammation by avoiding oxidative stress. It occurs by inhibiting COX 2 enzyme which regulates the inflammatory response or cytokine production.

Inhibition of COX 1 enzyme shows a good function in many cells in the body especially that of the intestine. The ingredients in the Inflammatone have the ability to have a COX 1 enzyme minimally. It is better than aspirin because it has no gastrointestinal irritation like aspirin. The product has the ability to provide perfect cardiovascular protection and helps in thrombolytic activity. It prevents the blood clotting in the vessels and avoids thrombotic heart. Therefore it is the perfect protection for the cardiovascular system.

Metastasis of cancer is mainly due to the increase in the aggregation of platelets. So anything which avoids it like Inflammatone has the ability to avoid the risk of proliferation of cancer. The anti-thrombotic activity is due to many ingredients in Inflammatone. The ginger present in the product provides a mild cox 1 inhibition. Turmeric and quericitin present in this supplement provide mild anticoagulant property and the proteolytic enzyme in Inflammatone provide the fibrinolytic effect especially by the serration peptidase.

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