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Lapsang Souchong From Adagio Teas

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Lapsang souchong has its origin from china and is one of the oldest known tea varieties of the world. Just one cup of Lapsang souchong is enough to restore one to normality. This black tea takes a quiet palate for recognition and the smoky flavors call in for all the attention.

A nice hot mug of black tea is the perfect hug and one of the finest solutions to every problem. There is always time for tea and every house lightens up with hope over a cup of tea. It is so nice to gather around a fireplace and sip every bit of the mug with loved ones around. Lapsang souchong is one of the perfect black tea, which has its origin from the Fujian province of china. Do you know that Winston Churchill used to drink this tea? To know more keep reading below

In this article, we will discern everything about Lapsang Souchong “the just right black tea from the farm with its original captivating flavor”.

Lapsang souchong has its origin from china and is one of the oldest known tea varieties of the world. Just one cup of Lapsang souchong is enough to restore one to normality. This black tea takes a quiet palate for recognition and the smoky flavors call in for all the attention.

How Is Lapsang Souchong Prepared?

The fourth and the fifth leaves of the tea plant have a coarser feel and have less aromatic substances. These leaves undergo a smoking process that turns them into highly desirable choice. These leaves roasted in bamboo baskets over firewood turn into enriching flavor.

The firewood used to dry the leaves is pinewood and it imparts resin aroma and flavor. With the distinctive flavor and extraordinary traits, Lapsang Souchong stands the best among all the black tea varieties. The manufacturing process is entirely different for Lapsang Souchong compared to other black tea types. The roasting technique unique to this tea blend imparts it with rich smoky flavor. People just love the smoky aroma and the perfect coppery color of the tea on their mugs.

Journey Of Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong has its roots from the Chinese subcontinent. Some say that it all started with an accident when the pine shed where the tea was stored caught fire. The locals discovered that the tea stocks turned dark and surprisingly better than before and ready to create history. The tea had a dark texture with rich smoke flavor, which the customers loved.

The legend says that when the Dutch tried this tea they readily liked the flavor and its rich smoky flavor. They were ready to pay double prices for this special accidental creation and named it as bohea. Later the term” lapsang” along with souchong was used and until date it is one of the best picks. That is how the whole flavor and Lapsang Souchong came into existence.

Lapsang Souchong contains compounds like longifolen and alpha-terpineol that imparts the distinctive flavor. When the leaves are smoke-dried, both these compounds increase and the taste of black tea reduces. The smoke drying enriches the leaves with the blend of both flavors equally. Due to this reason, Lapsang souchong has a unique taste when compared to other black tea varieties.

Even though everything happened due to an accident, the Dutch people loved the unique flavor. Some say that Lapsang Souchong has a barbecue flavor. Since it tastes great and has a characteristic flavor, it goes well with spicy foods. Some cuisines around the world make use of this tea blend in their recipes.

Flavor Of Lapsang Souchong

The strong smoky rich flavor is often compared with the smell of pipe tobacco. The overwhelming taste and the flavor of the pine smoke just blends into coffee mug lasting for a long time. If you do not love strong taste then this tea is not the right pick for you. For those who love distinctive rich flavors just like Winston Churchill then go ahead and buy this variety.

Whether you hate it or love this tea is one of the best selling varieties around the world for the flavor aspect. Again, there are many variations available in this variety. The level of smokiness and the strong flavor is minimal in certain varieties for those who prefer fewer flavors.

You can use this tea along with spicy foods and salty dishes. It also goes well with evening snacks especially during cold weathers. The strong flavor rejuvenates the body and makes you feel fresh. Lapsang Souchong is the perfect luxury tea which you can relish sitting next to a fireplace.

Lapsang Souchong works as perfect ingredient for marinating chicken and turkey. Adding this tea blend while marinating imparts a natural barbecue flavor. The Chinese cuisine frequently uses this tea for its smoky flavor.

How To Makes The Best Mug Of Tea?

Take cold water and start brewing Lapsang souchong. Using normal water instead of mineral water would enhance better taste and preserve the natural flavor.

Boil the water in a kettle and directly let in the leaves for a fuller flavor. However, some people like to use the infusing method. You can also use tea bags and infuse into the hot water for a steeping time of about two to three minutes. If you increase the steeping time, the whole thing may taste bitter so make sure to check the consistency and flavor. If you find it less then you can infuse it for some more time. I would say that floating twisted leaves over the hot boiling water would provide great taste and the right smoky flavor than the infuser bags.

Your sweet and smoke tinted tea is ready to go. You will find the ravishing coppery color in the mug so tempting.

Lapsang Souchong As A Cooking Ingredient

Some actually do not love the tarry smoky flavor as a beverage drink yet they would not mind it when added to their dishes. The smoky flavor goes perfectly with meats, certain fish varieties, and most of the veggies.

Just brew lapsang souchong and you are ready with a liquid smoke alternative to garnish your dishes. Steep the tea for around 2 minutes and your smoky flavor is all set to go in to the dishes. You can make barbecue sauces, tangy marinades, brines or anything that you want with this smoky liquid. Trust me you would love the woody smoky flavor in the sauces. You can also add this to your normal mayonnaise recipe for a unique BBQ taste.

I love to give chicken breasts a Smoky Spice Rub with this lapsang souchong for a smoky taste. Just grind the leaves and mix it with some salt and other spices. The mix is ready to be rubbed all over the chicken breast or any meat of your choice. You can deep fry it or bake it in the oven for a rich aroma filled dish. This tea is a must if you love to grill and smoke your dishes. You know the taste of this tea is actually an acquired taste just like other beverages. Once you get addicted to this tea blend am sure you will be stacking your shelves with lapsang souchong. For more recipes, using Lapsang souchong you can check out in this site click here. For high-quality lapsang souchong tea, Adagio Teas is a great place to deal with. They sell premium quality tea bags and loose leaves.

Where To Buy Lapsang Souchong Teas?

There are online stores that sell variety of tea products, but not all of them are genuine. Adagio teas sell premium quality products ensuring its rich flavor and quality intact. They have a loyal customer base and you can find rich reviews about them. So, next time planning to buy a lapsang souchong then make sure to visit this online store. Additionally, you can also find different mixes of these teas at their store. Example Lapsang souchong masala chai, lapsang souchong spice mix ect.

Customer reviews

Most of the customers who tried this tea have to say only one thing” the smoke flavor is world apart”. A majority of the reviews are from true lovers of this tea blend. They are so into the tea blend that they do not even bother about other varieties available. Some first time buyers are of the opinion that the tarry flavor is intense when steeped longer. In addition, some dislike the intense smoke flavor but they say that this tea is a great add-on to other recipes. Overall, if you have heard a lot about lapsang souchong tea blend and want to try it. Then go ahead and give your senses the smoky sensuous taste. You will not regret buying.


ADAGIO TEAS is a wonderful place where you get to see every variety of tea blends with its natural essence. They sell quality tea products to its customers and have an extensive network of farmers behind them. All the teas imported directly from the countries where they grow are of premium quality and value. They offer teabags and loose tea leaves. They have also employed pyramid shape for their infusers for enhancing the flavor in each cup. Pyramid shape infusers allow more space for the leaves to unfurl and leave a rich flavor into the mug. Adagio teas come with disposable bags and each tea bag contains 15 full leaf pyramids.


Once you get addicted to this acquired taste then there is no looking back. You will never get over with its tarry and intense flavor. This tea blend is an enticing drink, which imparts eternal smoky flavor that no other black tea variety can match. Not only does it work as beverage drink but also goes well as a cooking ingredient. For barbecue lovers Lapsang Souchong will be an everlasting addiction. No, wonder why Winston Churchill loved this tea blend more than any other variety of black tea. After all, he is man of class and distinctive taste.

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