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Learn More About Urine Therapy or Urotherapy

Urine therapy is the use of one’s own urine to cure diseases. It is otherwise known as urotherapy. It is used for both internal and external use.

Consuming the urine is considered and believed to be the best remedy for many diseases and to boost the natural immunity. Urine is universally considered as a dirty thing but in fact is only a b-product of the blood filtration. Urine does not contain any ‘waste’ in it but only the unwanted unusable components that are produced inside the body. Any compound produced inside and is in excess amount is excreted out through the urine.

What is Urine?

Urine is the ultimate filtered product from the body. The blood that carries the impurities deposits the solid wastes at the liver and then goes on to the kidneys for further filtration. It is here in the kidneys that the blood is rid of all excess and unwanted soluble components collected from all over the body. This collection includes the vitamins, hormones, antigens, antibodies, etc. These components are expelled as part of the regulation of their concentration, and not because they are no longer needed.

Why urine is considered for therapy?

Most of the components in the urine are naturally produced inside the body and can never be replicated to its full effects. Since it is produced inside the body they do not pose any incompatibility issues and makes it the safest and natural medicine. Since medicines are vitamins, hormones, or antigens, having the same ones that are produced by the body back in the system makes the healing process easier. Because of the components, urine may be compared to the leftovers after a meal, which, at the moment is not useful but can be used later. Urine contains things that are unwanted for that time but can be used for many other purposes later on. Urine therapy helps in re-absorption of many of the nutrients and other hormones that helps in healing as well as benefits psychologically.

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