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Menopol – Menopause Supplement

Menopol is a dietary supplement for women who are reaching or reached menopause and are suffering from the various symptoms. Menopol contains many vitamins and minerals that can lessen the menopausal symptoms. It safe to use.

Menopause – Causes & Symptoms

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Menopause is not an illness but simply the loss of the monthly periods, the loss of the ability to birth a child, and the loss of hormones. At the menopause women literally stops producing eggs. When the ovaries seize producing the female hormone estrogen, the same is produced from the adrenal glands, to balance for the shortage of this hormone from the ovaries. This hormone is produced from fat cells also. This variation in hormones can have various impacts on women and they differ from one person to another. Over sweating is the main symptom especially during night, mood swings, lesser libido, pain in joins, weight pain, vaginal dryness, headaches etc. A balanced diet is very important in these cases. A diet that helps to maintain the estrogen level inside the body is essential.

There is naturally occurring oestrogen available from foods. Soy contains this hormone naturally. The plant contains two flavonoids that are similar to a breast cancer preventing drug. These phytoestrogen lowers cholesterol and prevents any heart diseases that may be seen during menopause. Dandelion, sage, flaxseeds, red clover, and alfalfa are some other plants that contain the natural estrogen. Focus must be on whole grains, healthy fats, walnuts, fruits and vegetables, almonds and fish. Women reaching menopause need 200 calories lesser. Cutting those second servings on dinner will be highly useful. Sometimes taking estrogen from food is not adequate and women may have to rely on supplements to provide them.

About Menopol – Dietary Supplement For Women

Menopol is a dietary supplement for women who are reaching or reached menopause and are suffering from the various symptoms. Menopol contains many vitamins and minerals that can lessen the menopausal symptoms. It contains Vitamin E and a mix of sage flower extract, St.John’s Wort extract and Black cohosh-root and rhizome extract. It also has Hesperidin methychalone and gamma oryzanol. Vitamin E reduces hot flashes, risk of heart diseases and helps cure vaginal dryness.

Black cohosh helps in relieving hot flashes, night sweating and relieve mild hot flashes; relaxes anxiety and mood swings; doesn’t increase the estrogen level but only relieves the symptoms of menopause. It stimulates the estrogen receptors only at some selected parts of the body and block stimulations at uterus and breasts. Sage helps in hot flashes and night sweating, while St.John’s Wort works as antidepressant and cure mood swings. Hesperidin also helps in dealing with hot flashes, reduces constipation, and supports metabolism. Gamma oryzanol relieves menopausal symptoms. Get 1200 mg of calcium daily, avail Vit D from the sun- without Vit D, body cannot absorb calcium; include soy foods like soy nuts and tofu in the diet.

How to use Menopol

Consumers vouch for its effect within a week of consumption. So many women are happy that they have tried Menopol. Simply dial to the toll free number 1-800-875-0850 to get started on Menopol. It contains no steroids or harmful chemicals. It is better to check with your doctor before consuming if you are on other medications. If you hate to take capsules then just mix the contents in your food, water, or juice. It comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money may be returned.

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