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Nestle Compat Enteral Feeding Pump

Compat Enteral Feeding Pump

The package of the Compat Enteral feeding pump comes with the feeding pump, wall charger, pole clamp and a user manual. The wall charger is available as a replacement in case you need it later.

The Compat Enteral Feeding Pump is what you need to ensure the right and controlled flow of the food into the system. It is suitable for both the pediatric as well as adult feeding programs. The feeding tube that connects through this feeding pump, is kept in its place and does not move out of place. It works well for the larger quantity feeding schedules and allows the person to lead a normal life. The person needs to feel closer to a normal life and this Compat Enteral feeding pump is the best bet for them to have this normalcy.

Features of Compat Enteral feeding pump

Battery power and pressure

The Enteral feeding pump works on battery power that can be recharged. The battery recharging time is approximately 6 hours. If the battery is completely discharged, then it would need about 12 hours to recharge is full.

A fully recharged battery can keep working for 24 hours at a time. With a flow rate of 100ml/hour the battery can go on working for 8 hours. The pressure compatibility is 15 psi that is safe with the feeding tubes. The power requirement for the working of this feeding pump is 120V.

Flow rate

The feeding pump has a dosage capacity of 0ml to 1L. The increment change would be 5ml here or there. The compatible flow rate is from 0.1ml to 600 ml per hour. The feeding manner could be changed between bolus, continuous or intermittent.

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The alarm system

The Enteral feeding pump will automatically stop after the determined amount of liquid is fed. The feeding pump is equipped with an alarm system to signal the completion of the feeding. There is another alarm that works both visually and audibly to let you know when the unit is empty or that the battery is running low. If there is a change in the rate if flow, that would also be signaled by this alarm system.

Memory feature

The system is also enabled with a memory feature that can remember the limit, infusion rate and the volume that needs to be delivered. Even if the system is turned off, the feeding pump can remember the previous setting and start working on it.

Other features

The feeding pump has a built-in clamp to be fitted in the pole. The pump weighs only 14.4.ounces in weight and is easy to carry no matter where you go. It can work at a temperature of 10-40 degree Celsius.


Maintenance and cleaning

First of all, the Compat Enteral feeding pump is easy to clean and keep hygienic. The plastic body of this feeding pump is fire resistant with sealed edges to keep the fluid leakage from seeping into the pump. It can easily be cleaned with a mild soap after each use.

Make sure to clean the air sensors to be debris free as it can interfere with the proper working of the signaling system. With any debris blocking these sensors, the air inside the tube would go undetected. Keep a Q-tip to clean the pathways to keep the system properly working and to clean the spillage immediately.

The package

The package of the Compat Enteral feeding pump comes with the feeding pump, wall charger, pole clamp and a user manual. The wall charger is available as a replacement in case you need it later. The Enteral feeding pump is available from the online medical stores. Do know that this is no cheaper equipment and could cost a lot.

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