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NeuroMethylation Cream for Autism – Ingredients, Side effects

Numedica NeuroMethylation Cream

NeuroMethylation cream carries the vital ingredients that support the natural methylation process of the body that helps build the neurological health and immune system. It is absorbed easily into the skin and can deliver is faster into the blood.

Technically, methylation is the process of adding the methyl group to any compound. Biologically, it is the switch to all the vital metabolic activities like the energy production, brain chemistry, stress response and even the detoxification. When the methylation does not occur properly, there could very well be a total shut down of the system. There are key elements that can enhance the methylation process in the body. These elements take a long route when taken orally and that is why they are now used as topical creams like the NeuroMethylation Cream. This cream could deliver the ingredients needed to trigger the methylation process, directly into the bloodstream for its faster transportation.

What is NeuroMethylation Cream?

NeuroMethylation cream carries the vital ingredients that support the natural methylation process of the body that helps build the neurological health and immune system. It is absorbed easily into the skin and can deliver is faster into the blood.

The NeuroMethylation cream bypasses the gastrointestinal tract and its digestive enzymes to stay intact with its ingredients and readily get into their work. It helps balance the mood, concentration, focus, sleep and the immune system.

NeuroMethylation cream ingredients

There are 5 ingredients in the cream that are,

  • Folate or 5-methyltetrahydrofolate is an all important component that the body often fails to generate. It is the digested form of folic acid taken from the food. The body needs this 5-MTHF to improve the mood and for the cognitive health. It helps with hormone regulation and also affects the sleep cycle, not to mention the immune system as well. This is highly important for the body than many other nutrients. It is provided in the NeuroMethylation cream in the most useful form.
  • Vitamin D is a useful cognitive nutrient that helps in enhancing the nerve signaling, detoxification, immune system and also in reducing the cardiovascular diseases. The deficiency of this nutrient could compromise the cognitive health.
  • Vitamin B12 as hydroxocobalamin is a form of this vitamin that can help with the methylation process that needs in the detoxification of the hormones and other metabolites in the neurotransmitters. It is a co-factor for the methylation itself. It works well with the folate.
  • Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin is particularly needed to prevent the neurological diseases and aging. It is needed for the regeneration of the neurons and also in large amounts and thus the reason for its addition in the NeuroMethylation cream. It acts as a methyl donor in the methylation process.
  • Vitamin B6 as pyridoxal-5’-phosphate is another brain nutrient that can improve the brain health and also prevent the degenerative diseases of the brain. It can positively affect the sleep cycle by increasing the cortisol level to wake up the body in time.


Using NeuroMethylation cream

It can be directly applied on the skin. The number of times depends on the type of purpose. If it is for the maintenance dose, take 2 pumps of the cream daily. Apply 1 pump in the morning and the other in the evening before bed.

The advanced dosage is the curative one with 3 pumps applied daily. Here you take 1 pump each in the morning, mid-afternoon and then in the evening.

NeuroMethylation cream is safe for everyone above the age of 3 years. People have used it for children and particularly useful for autistic children.

Store the bottle of NeuroMethylation cream at room temperature only.

NeuroMethylation cream Side effects

There are no major side effects of using NeuroMethylation cream. Since the dosage is very small and the fact that it bypasses the digestive process makes it non-vulnerable to cause problems. But one may not rule out the chances completely.

NeuroMethylation cream Autism

NeuroMethylation cream can help autism affected children as they often have low levels of vitamin B6. By adding this vitamin in the preparation, the NeuroMethylation cream can help the autistic children by preventing panic attacks and hyperventilation. The biological changes in their bodies need assistance with the methylation and the NeuroMethylation cream helps them in this.


NeuroMethylation cream, the topical cream, has been widely used for improving the focus and concentration in children and also by those with certain genetic problems with the methylation process. It has helped many to be better with autism.

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