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Omron Model 108M pro-series sphygmomanometer

Omron 108M pro-series is a popular model of sphygmomanometer or blood pressure meter to monitor blood pressure. It is an aneroid model (mechanical type with a dial) and is very reliable and durable.

This product is ideal for use in hospitals and clinics because of its reliability and good performance. It is long lasting and comes with a 5 year calibration warranty. The aneroid models of sphygmomanometers are easier to calibrate and do not have the health hazards of mercury sphygmomanometers especially if they break.

Omron 108M pro-series

Sphygmomanometers are devices used to measure the blood pressure. The device consists of an inflatable cuff to temporarily stop the blood flow, mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the pressure and a manually operated bulb and valve or a pump operated electrically to inflate the handcuff. A stethoscope is needed along with manual sphygmomanometers. The normal unit of measurement of blood pressure is millimeters of mercury or mmHg. It is recorded as two numbers, systolic pressure “over” diastolic pressure.

Omron Model 108M pro-series sphygmomanometer

Omron Model 108M pro-series sphygmomanometer

by Southeastern Medical Supply 5 out of 5 stars (500 Customer Ratings)

Price: $129
This is an aneroid model of sphygmomanometer that is used to measure blood pressure.

Worth the price

5 stars out of 5 by for Omron Model 108M pro-series sphygmomanometer

Gives accurate results as described…

Features of Omron model 108M pro-series sphygmomanometer

  • the Omron 108M pro-series comes with a 5 year calibration warranty. The calibration accuracy is in the range of +/ – 3mmHg
  • the nylon cuffs are long lasting. They come in 4 sizes, child, adult, large adult and XL adult.
  • the aneroid model offers an easy to read design and makes use of a no-stop 300mmHg manometer gauge with deluxe air-release valve.
  • The Omron 108M model has a easy to squeeze bulb
  • this sphygmomanometer has a nylon zippered carry case for easy transportation
  • it has a 1 year manufacturing warranty

Hence Omron Model 108M pro-series sphygmomanometer is a good buy and is highly recommended for use by medical practitioners in hospitals and clinics. They are also very cost effective. The Omron 108M Latex-free Pro-series Sphygmomanometers are also available.

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