Parotid PMG Side Effects

Standard Process Parotid PMG For Salivary Gland Problems

The Parotid PMG is found to be effective for the salivary gland problems. Moreover, the calcium included here is not taken from dairy based items that make it safe for all who have dairy products allergy.

The Parotid gland is the largest salivary gland in our body that secretes saliva. Without this gland functioning normally you could end up having dry mouth, excess bacterial growth in the mouth causing all sorts of problems. An infection in the parotid gland could compromise its functioning. It could also end up suffering tumor development. The Parotid PMG from Standard Process helps maintain or correct the functions of this gland.

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With the parotid gland working properly, you get the much needed digestive enzymes, important protein antibodies, certain ions, and many other enzymes that can flourish the intestinal flora.

Parotid PMG Ingredients

The Parotid PMG contains the bovine parotid PMG extract. It helps keep the human parotid glands to function normal and proper. It contains the natural enzymes and nucleotides to do its respective benefits. There is about 358 mg of this parotid PMG extract. Apart from this there also are calcium lactate and magnesium citrate.
Calcium lactate is important for the bone health. It helps in the formation of bones and maintains its good health. The calcium here can also bind with other nutrients to remove them from the body. The calcium can fulfill the deficiency in the body and also lower the blood pressure. It tones down the blood vessels and makes them stronger.

Magnesium citrate supplies the magnesium for the body. It is an important mineral that is used in the bones, cells, nerves, heart, muscles etc.

How does standard process Parotid PMG work?

It maintains the cellular health by neutralizing the antibodies that are circulating. These antibodies are formed most often when the cell divides. When this gets out of hand it causes damages to those parts. By neutralizing the antibodies that are produced, the cell destruction is brought down and maintains its good condition.

It can also supply the calcium and magnesium. These minerals are easily absorbed in its supplied form. Calcium lactate is easily converted into the calcium bicarbonate for that is the most convenient form of calcium. Calcium intake can improve the nervous function and bone health.

Magnesium, on the other hand. maintains the metabolic processes in the body. It helps generate energy and oversee the muscular activity. It acts as cofactor for many of the activities in the body.

Moreover, the presence of calcium and magnesium together works better than they are supplied separately.

It comes in tablet form. Take one tablet with any of the meals per day. One tablet is enough to bring the goodness of the extract.

Parotid PMG side effects

Not only does the Parotid PNG cause any side effects but can increase the heavy metal detoxification in the body. The heavy metals that are implanted as part of dental maintenance can be eliminated with the help of Parotid PMG as it becomes chelator that carries the metals out.

The Standard Process Parotid PMG is one of the safest options for detox and also to heal the parotid gland problems.


The Parotid PMG is found to be effective for the salivary gland problems. Moreover, the calcium included here is not taken from dairy based items that make it safe for all who have dairy products allergy. The manufacturing method retains the cellular integrity of the parotid extract and makes it viable.

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