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Nexgen Biolabs PhenRX Reviews & Side Effects

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For all those who are looking to lose weight, here is a miracle product that will certainly help to lose pounds in a healthy manner. Maintaining this perfect number in a  scale is very important to lead a healthy life and to live happily. Here we discuss about PhenRX Reviews, PhenRx side effects, PhenRx coupon codes and also about PhenRx topical patches.

Let us discuss in detail about the wonderful product PhenRX Nexgen Biolabs and understand how it helps to lose weight. Before discussing about PhenRX one needs to understand about weight gain and how it is caused.

PhenRx topical weight loss patches

Nexgen Phenrx is a powerful weight loss formula. Each ingredient of Phenrx pills is known for curbing the appetite and boosting metabolism. It help to remove fat from those areas where it is difficult to remove like arms and hips. It enhances lipids and fat metabolism which will directly help in losing pounds.

PhenRx User Reviews & Ratings

Does PhenRx Work? – PhenRx Reviews

Well it is really difficult to trust a product nowadays as the markets are flooded with many varieties and to choose a genuine product is really a tedious task. In the case of phenrx appetite suppressant supplements, one can absolutely trust and go for this product as it has helped a lot of people to achieve weight loss. Don’t trust me? Then just go and Google where you can read a whopping number of reviews about the product. I am sure that the people who have used the product have got the best possible results and that is why it is being preferred and liked by many around the world. Customer’s opinion matters most and they have given positive reviews about PhenRx so I guess it really works for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way.More Details »

Ingredeints Of PhenRx

PhenRX Ingredients – What’s In Phenrx?

Following are the phenrx active ingredients. Each ingredient of Phenrx pills is known for curbing the appetite and boosting metabolism.


Also commonly known as caffeine  is a very powerful component which helps in weight loss. It is the bitter part of the coffee bean that helps to boost the metabolic rate and suppress appetite. It gives energy and increases the potential of the formulation it is mixed with.


Its one of the ingredients of phenrx. this is a mood enhancer which helps to increase concentration and focus of the mind. It helps to slow down the dopamine receptors and enhances its production by increasing it. It functions in such a way that it suppresses the appetite and kick starts the metabolic rate of the body in the cellular level. Phenyethylamine is commonly used in most of the weight loss pills due to its effectiveness.

Synephrine HCL

This is a component that is extracted from immature orange plants or other citrus plants like mandarin, grapefruit or even lemon. It is a metabolite that helps to boost energy levels and increase the metabolic rate without increasing blood pressure or giving extra work to the heart. This component is used in most of the weight loss pills as it helps to reduce fat deposition and also helps in lipolysis (it effectively burns fat to release energy for carrying out body functions).

Schizandrol A

This is an extract taken from a popular Chinese herb that helps to increase dopamine production and supplies energy for both physical and mental functions. It helps to control stress and anxiety along with suppressing appetite. Those who are lethargic and have a problem of stress eating can be benefited by this ingredient as it helps to focus and concentrate better. This extract also inhibits the production of cortisols a major stress hormone that isn’t good for the body. Apart from having so many properties it helps to boost the metabolism and directly aids weight loss.

Yohimbine HCL

This is a stimulant which helps to reduce blood pressure and also helps to prevent heart attacks. It is basically an alkaloid extracted from the bark of an ever green tree found in Africa. It is an antioxidant, anti-depressant and a best aid to lose weight naturally.

Other inactive ingredients used are magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.More Details »

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PhenRx Side Effects

PhenRx Side Effects – Are There Any Side Effects For PhenRx Weight Loss Drops?

There are no side effects as such but it is always a better choice to consult with a doctor for further clarification about any weight loss supplement. PhenRX contains stimulants and other extracts that needs to be researched well so those who are already suffering from serious health conditions needs to take care well before consuming this product. This product should be strictly avoided by nursing mothers and those who are carrying as it may affect the baby. People suffering from cardio issues, high blood pressure, liver damage and chronic illness should stay away from this product as it may interfere with the drugs that they are already taking.
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Discount Prices On PhenRx


Coupons Codes & Discounts For PhenRx

PhenRx coupon codes

The coupon codes help you get discounts while buying PhenRx. The PhenRX website offers many deals. Apart from that, there are many online websites that offer coupon codes and promo codes to buy PhenRx at discounted rates. Each of these offers are for a limited time period.

  • Get 10% off for all Negen Biolabs orders. Apply the coupon code “nexgen10”.
  • Get 15% off for all orders with the promo code “nexgen15”
  • Get 20% of for all orders plus free shipping on orders above $100. To avail this offer, use the coupon code “nexgen20”.
  • Get 20% off for orders over $200 with free shipping. Use the discount code “20off200”.

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Why Should We Lose Weight?

Excessive eating habits, hereditary factors, junk foods, lack of exercise and hormonal problems are the major causes of obesity.  Among these certain factors can be reversed by dieting and taking weight loss remedies. But for those who suffer from hormonal problems it is better to take a doctors opinion to go further with weight loss methods.

Being overweight or obese will lead to many health issues and create many ailments which will directly affect the quality of our life. In most of the cases people who are overweight feel less confident about themselves and lose many opportunities in life by shying away from expressing their ideas and opinions. If you are overweight there is no need to hide but start facing the problems directly in the open and start employing healthy methods to lose weight safely. If you stay in a healthy range it will help you to lead a life free from ailments and will give peace of mind.

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