Phillips Adult Electrode Cartridge

Phillips Adult Electrode Cartridge – Replacement Device

Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge is designed and tested with reliability to ensure that your AED works correctly when it is most needed. This replacement part is a must to allow your AED to work for years with full efficacy.

Just purchasing an AED is not sufficient. Maintaining the defibrillator to optimize its performance is also of utmost importance. Proper maintenance of defibrillator will ensure it works well for years.

Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge is designed and tested with reliability to ensure that your AED works correctly when it is most needed. This replacement part is a must to allow your AED to work for years with full efficacy.

What is Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge?

The Philips Adult Electrode pads come in as a cartridge that is attached to the HeartStart OnSite AED. This Adult Electrode pads comes in a very convenient and easy-to-use cartridge form for you. The cartridge can be easily removed from the AED while replacing the pads. Each cartridge contains 1 set of electrode pads and has the pull handle built in. You just need to snap this new pad cartridge into your Philips HeartStart OnSite AED to make it ready-to- use for rescue.

Instruction for Installing New Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge/Pads

Philips HeartStart OnSite Adult Electrode Cartridge / Pads are suitable for cardiac arrest victims weighing 55 pounds (25 kg) or more. Usually the Electrode pad cartridge has a 2-Year shelf life but it should be replaced if ever used for a rescue. The installation is simple. Upon receipt of your new Electrode pads, just follow the below mentioned simple instructions:

  • Remove new Electrode pads from the package
  • Remove the used pads by searching the latch on top of the OnSite unit and sliding it correctly
  • Install new pads by sliding the bottom end into the nook and then pressing it firmly until the latch is placed properly and you hear a click sound
  • After the pads are fully and correctly installed, the OnSite unit will indicate to you that the pads are correctly installed and now it is ready for rescue.

Also note that you should not pull the pads cartridge hard cover or film seal until ready for actual use. If by mistake the hard cover is bare opened then cover it immediately to prevent adhesives from drying. Once the pad adhesives are exposed, you will require replacing the entire Adult Electrode cartridges.

Why is Replacement of Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge Important?

The replacement of Philips adult electrode cartridge / pads is required mainly for two reasons. One after its expiry i.e. every 2 years you need to replace them and second after it is used.

This Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge/pads are directly applied to the bare skin of the victim. These pads contain the sensors that detect the current rhythm of the victim’’s heartbeat. And then it decides how much shock is needed for the victim to normalize heartbeats. Due to this reason it is very crucial to replace the Adult Electrode Cartridge as AED would be readily available for rescue in those critical moments.

Additional Information about Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge

  • 1. Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge is compatible with Philips AED defibrillator model numbers: M5066A, M5067A, M5068A
  • This Philips adult Cartridge contains 2 adhesive electrode pads
  • The Electrode pads should be replaced after each use, or every 2 years. So keep checking expiry date.

Customer Reviews for Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge

AED defibrillator is must for your homes as you don’t know when your near or dear ones would require them. The importance of replacing pads has been previously discussed. Now let me brief what the buyer has to say about it.

All buyers found Philips Adult Electrode Cartridge as a perfect replacement as it can be easily snapped right in the AED. Many of you must have bought a Philips AED and have been preserving it for several years; it is a good practice to do so. While also keep a check on expiry date to replace the old pads.

Mostly all buyers found the Replacement pads easy to install. The quality of new pads was the same as previous and it arrives in a nice secure box so that it is not damaged during transmit.

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