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Why Prescription drugs dont cure Cholesterol

Are you looking for a natural remedy to get rid of cholesterol? Then, Choleslo is best advised for you. Read on to know all about it.

Most patients suffering from Cholesterol will have experienced this. We go to a doctor, They prescribe a pill in 10 minutes without any history checks. They dont ask us what we eat and what we dont. They are not interested in your diet and the cause of the condition. All they do is push the pills to you and you can only hope that it will cure you.

Cholesterol is a condition which is caused by your doing. Your diet, Consumption of caffiene, Sugar , salt and high fat food. The pills on the other hand will only control your blood pressure to a moderate level, Usually 10-15% than the current blood pressure. Does that eliminate the cause? unfortunately not. Dr. Joe Brown explains the need for dietary change and why its important for people to move on to a healthier diet, cut down on salt, caffine and other fatty foods.

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Cholesterol cannot be reversed? i think otherwise and there are people who have succeeded in controlling and eliminating cholesterol all together. That would come as a surprise to many of the doctors today but thats the truth. Controlling your diet and going with a healthier diet would cause you to maintain a healthier heart and lifestyle.

Also with the current prescription drugs to lower blood pressure, your heart is at constant risk. The only ingredient which can keep your heart healthy is constantly at risk with these prescription pills. You will understand the role of COQ10 and how it plays a role in a healthier heart if you would ever do a short research on it.

Dr. Joe Brown recommends a product on the above video, but we recommend something similar and far more effective. Choleslo is one of the known products to help you with your cholesterol levels and Choleslo is tested, natural and simply great.

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