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Beautox is a Natural, safe detoxification medication for people who use a lot of cosmetics. the chemicals used in cosmetics range from petroleum extracts, wax and a lot more which are not suitable for your body. It can all be reversed and balanced with Beautox. Try Beautox Today and see the difference in not just your skin but also your whole body. Highly recommended for people who visit a salon and use beauty products regularly.

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  • Echinacea Angustifolia 2X.
  • Phosphoricum Acidum 12X.
  • Hypophysis 12X.
  • Nitricum Acidum 12X.
  • Misc. Beauty Shop Toxins 30X, 60x, 100x.

Beutox Cost – Discount Price , Coupon codes and Promo

Beutox Costs $39 at Biogetica. Biogetica is one of the premium Vendors of homeopathic medicines and have been in the industry for more than a decade. You will probably get cheaper products online but not with the service or quality of biogetica. From time to time Biogetica comes out with promotions of Free shipping, Coupon codes and promos. If you are interested in a discount, subscribe to their newsletter.

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  1. Beautox X7 is a Wonderful product which can help people detoxify the Chemicals used in Most cosmetic products today. If you are worried about all the chemicals which are going into these chemical products, then its not just your mind playing games. You would be awed at all the terrible ingredients which go into cosmetic products today. You can be safe from all these chemicals now with Beautox X7. ITs safe, its homeopatic and has no side effects.

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