Salter Labs Bubble Humidifier

Salter labs High Flow Humidifier Bottle is a device that is ideal for those patients who require respiratory oxygen therapy. Humidifier bottles help to make normal oxygen to moist oxygen that helps to soothe the respiratory tract and relieve from irritation.

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Salter oxygen mist water- bottle works greatly with high-capacity output oxygen concentrators and devices. It offers a High-flow oxygen delivery rate around zero to 15 LPM. Salter labs bubble humidifier bottle has a unique design that makes it perfect to work along with high capacity output oxygen concentrators and wall outlet gas systems. This helps to achieve high oxygen saturation levels. This bottle is 100% Latex Free and works quietly.

Salter labs bubble humidifier Bottle Benefits

  • High capacity output with a range of 0 -15 LPM capacity
  • 350 cc volume
  • Pressure relief alarm alerts
  • Helps to convert dry air to moist air
  • Silent operation

Salter Labs Bubble Humidifier Customer reviews

There are very few reviews available online about this product. According to health experts, Salter Oxygen Humidifier Bottle is a great device for people suffering from respiratory problems and who need supplement oxygen. This Humidifier Bottle turns dry oxygen into soothing oxygen and helps to reduce nasal irritation. The highlight of this device is that it works quietly.

Conclusion: This product works effectively but if you want to achieve high humidification levels then it is better to use it along with a High Flow Nasal Cannula.

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Salter Labs High Flow Bubble Humidifier
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  1. One of the few products which works effectively. Bought this a month ago for my cousin’s asthmatic problems as she was having a dry respiratory path due to cold. It works and is very effective

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