Visarpa Clay By Biogetica

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Visarpa Clay By Biogetica is an efficient and effective remedy to cure lesions. A natural concoction of herbs, Visarpa is known to be highly effective for people suffering from Herpes. Its heals lesions fast relieves pain and helps people to move on with their life faster than ever before, without leaving a scar.

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List of Ingredients of Visarpa Clay

Gairika compounds,
Nyagrodadi gana

Visarpa Dosage / Application

Visarpa Clay comes in powder form. You can create a paste for direct application or a wash with the recipe provided along with the product. Also check the website for application methods. The paste form is very highly effective and can help relieve pain quickly.

Visarpa Clay Side effects

There are no known side effects, long term or short term. Visarpa clay is clearly one of the best products and leaves no scar behind. It also helps relieve pain effectively within minutes

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  1. Visarpa Clay is one of the best products online to treat lesions. ITs not only effective for Herpes, but also other lesions and bacterial infections creating scabs and boils. The ingredients are soothing. Being natural also helps but is amazingly effective. Hard to find a product which is so good.

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