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Siemens Lotus 12P Review

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Hearing loss is a permanent loss that cannot be restored by anything. The hearing aids can being some temporary restoration of the sound that but they also are not to be used the same for a longer time. There are many types of hearing aids. Siemens offer this Siemens Lotus 12P with a t-coil to assist with the phone use. Not all hearing aids can have smooth talking over the phone; this model of hearing aid is made to suit the phone conversations.

Siemens Lotus 12P Customer Reviews & User Ratings

The customer reviews shows shockingly different opinions. The reviews are either appreciative or highly criticizing. There are people who have been using it for 6 years. Many have even found the same product at lower rate than that they would have got at the doctor’s.

While many appreciate the effectiveness and use of the product, there is a common complaint of not having an extra battery in the package, the battery lasts roughly for a month so it should have had an immediate replacement in the package.More Details »

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Siemens Lotus 12p Digital BTE Hearing Aid

Siemens Lotus 12P digital BTE hearing aid is a one channel device that is suitable for severe to profound hearing loss. It can make the sounds of higher volume to the low voices of a whisper very effectively. The device has better decibel coverage so that people don’t have to lose even the slightest of a conversation because of their ear disability.

  • It works on single channel
  • Has got 2 function controls
  • It is battery powered and the battery is included in the package. The battery compartment is lockable for the safety.
  • The shell material is plastic with a wax guard towards the ear canal
  • The package comes with ear pieces of 3 sizes. The device is for a single ear.
  • Instead of the microphone is placed at the convenient position and is also guarded by the windscreen protection. The wind is never going to interfere with the hearing through this device.
  • The shell is also provided with a vent at the bottom part to allow air circulation.
  • The device has volume control at the bottom part. Simply rotate the knob to adjust the volume.
  • The best feature is that the Siemens Lotus 12P digital BTE hearing aid has got trimmers to adjust the sound frequency according to the needs. There are 3 adjusting trimmers that you need to operate. This facility makes this device suitable for all and can get it calibrated for the individual needs.
  • The device should be switched off when not in use.

Bottom line

Bottom line is that the Siemens Lotus 12P is an easy to use hearing aid that provides superior sound quality. It is reliable and comes at an affordable price. it works with no troubles usually and has better durability in comparison. It is programmable and trimmer operated when needed. Just make sure that the device is adjusted to the user’s hearing needs before it is started.

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