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Sisquoc Healthcare Phytozine Reviews – Topical Ointment For Ringworm

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Ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungus. It is estimated that more than 20% of the United States population has been infected and requires a ringworm treatment at one point or another. This type of skin infection is highly contagious and can be spread with minor contact from humans, domestic pets and other animals. Ringworm sores are very itchy and nasty from the outset. If left untreated, it may become more painful and causes severe scars. Sisquoc Healthcare comprises a comprehensive portfolio of personal hygiene and healthcare products such as Phytozine. Phytozine ringworm cream is a topical ointment for ringworm offered in a tube. In this article you will get to know details about Phytozine Reviews.

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Phytozine Cream- Anti fungal Ringworm Treatment

Phytozine natural anti-fungal ringworm treatment is an extremely effective and powerful topical ointment that eliminates and cures ringworm infections immediately. It contains an original blend of organic elements and minerals that work with active ingredient called Tolnaftate to kill all fungal agents.

Phytozine Customer Reviews & User Ratings

Phytozine Customer Reviews has received 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This cream has many positive feedbacks from users, which proves that the product works effectively to treat Ringworm infection. In fact, many users say that they are very much impressed with this product as they could actually notice the ringworm fading away quickly. Many people mentioned of using the product as directed and could notice the infection completely treated in few weeks. Some people even mentioned that the product worked very well on stubborn long lasting infections as well. One customer says this natural product is better and effective than doctor’s prescription medication. Some customers felt better using Phytozine because of the quality ingredients used in it. Many happy customers absolutely mentioned this product as the best topical cream that is easily available in the market.

As against positive Phytozine customer reviews, there are some unhappy users of this product. Have a look at some negative customer reviews about Phytozine. Some users found the product to be costlier than other similar products. One user says that he used it for 8 weeks and saw no improvement. One disappointed customer stated that he was very hopeful for the product and bought it based on many positive Phytozine reviews but even after using it for 6 weeks, not much improvement was seen except mild reduction in redness and itching.

Phytozine had worked for many and so will for you. Based on numerous positive feedbacks I would highly recommend Phytozine.More Details »

Phytozine Ingredients

Phytozine contains a unique blend of organic compounds and minerals that work in combination with a very powerful and active anti-fungal ingredient called Tolnaftate. The main ingredient is Tolnaftate has an anti-fungal and anti-viral property which is also approved by the FDA to use for treating ringworm infections. There are various studies showing that Tolnaftate is a safe and effective anti-fungal agent. All organic ingredients of Phytozine help in improving the overall skin immunity to combat infections.

Phytozine ringworm cream Active Ingredient –Tolnaftate is the only active ingredient in Phytozine which is FDA approved for ringworm treatment. Tolnaftate 1.0% is contained in Phytozine.

Inactive Ingredients – There are number of Inactive Ingredients included in Phytozine ringworm cream –

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Side Effects of Phytozine

Is Phytozine ringworm cream Safe? Yes, absolutely. Users of Phytozine may not worry about side effects or safety of this product. This is because it contains only natural ingredients, so there is very minor risk of experiencing any negative effects of using this topical cream. Many customer reviews available online about Phytozine do no complain having any side effects. Also, the manufacturer claims that the product is safe to use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is also safe to use by people who are using other medications.
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Phytozine ringworm cream Price

The price of Phytozine is within your budget and is very much affordable. One tube of Phytozine cream price is nearly $40. 1 oz. tube of Phytozine can be used for one month. If you buy it from, their official website, you can avail buy 2 get 1 free offer or buy 3 get 2 free.
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About Phytozine Cream For Ringworm

Phytozine natural anti-fungal ringworm treatment is an extremely effective and powerful topical ointment that eliminates and cures ringworm infections immediately. Phytozine contains an original blend of organic elements and minerals that work with a powerful FDA-approved active ingredient called Tolnaftate to kill all fungal agents. Tolnaftate is a fungicide, has antiviral properties and is FDA-approved for the ringworm treatment.

Several other topical ringworm cure products available today are not made specially to treat ringworm infections. Phytozine ointment has been created to eliminate all of the fungi that cause ringworm as well as work effectively and quickly. Phytozine for ringworm includes ingredients that are far more complete than any other ointments and so it guarantees to eliminate ringworm infections.

Phytozine topical cream is very easy to use and can be applied safely to the infected area twice a day for positive results. The ointment application can be increased depending on the severity of the infection and symptoms without any side effects.

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