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Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops – Review, Ingredients, Side effects

Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops
For those who want to reach out to junk foods (usually a habit when we are bored or feel an unwanted appetite), or for those who have the habit of smoking, Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee seems to be the perfect savior.

Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops brings you instant energy and curbs unwanted appetite or cravings that triggers you to light a smoke or munch on unhealthy junk foods. But does it have any side effects? How’s the flavor of this coffee? Read all about Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops review.

How does Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops work?

The company is mainly into cutting the habit of tobacco. Hence, they have launched Operation Tobacco Free. Athletes, students or the working groups who need instant energy and focus can opt for Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee. It gives you an instant zing without making you crash. The peppermint flavor curbs unwanted cravings for nicotine or snacks.

Enriched with Peppermint flavor, Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee comes with pre-mixed coffee blend that is loaded with natural & herbal ingredients. It is free from tobacco, nicotine, gluten, nuts, and dairy products and hence is absolutely vegan-friendly.

However, it is not 100% natural since it contains sucralose (an artificial sweetener). That being said, it contains glycerin which we presume is vegetarian-derived as the company focuses on manufacturing natural products only.

It does not contain sugar or unwanted calories which makes it a healthy choice for dieters as well. It is also available in Decaf version (Cool Mint Chill & Tropical Chill) for those who want to cut caffeine.

Whenever you feel low, just pop a pouch or blend with hot/cold water. The natural ingredients not only boost your energy levels but also improves your focus and keeps you mentally alert. It also keeps the oral healthy active and free from bad breath by keeping the flavor lasting for a long period.

Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops Ingredients & Benefits

  • Panax ginseng root – improves thinking and ability to recall for a long time. It is also a CNS stimulant that keeps the mood calm and serene.
  • Vitamin B5 – fights poor intestinal flora while lowering high cholesterol and triglycerides level. It is water soluble and maintains healthy digestive tract.
  • Green Tea Leaf extract – loaded with powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that fights free radicals that attack the body.
  • Yerba Mate – delivers energy and nutrition to the body
  • Peppermint leaf – refreshes the mind, lingers on your taste buds, and gives that extra antioxidant boost. It is also known to alleviate unwanted hunger attacks on the body.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – is known to enhance the mental ability and keep you focused on tasks at hand.

Other ingredients include Vitamin B3, Gymnema leaf extract, coffee, Cayenne pepper, Eleuthero root and caffeine (derived from natural coffee beans).

Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops Side effects

Since it contains caffeine, it may cause jittery sensations, shakiness, restlessness, or increased heart rate in few people.

Do not drink this product at night as it will keep you awake.


If you are pregnant, nursing, under any health condition or taking any medication, consult your medical practitioner before having this tea. Since the herbs ingredients have not been tested on pregnant, nursing woman or people who are taking medication, it may interfere with your current medication or have any negative reactions on the fetus or on your health.

Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops Reviews

There are excellent testimonials for Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee. People claim that the product actually helps in eliminating the need for smoking. The reviews can be seen on the official website and the company is prompt in responding back to the user reviews. This says a lot about the company’s customer support which is undoubtedly pretty good.

Here are few of the Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops reviews.

  • “Great product. After 20+ years of using tobacco, I am tobacco free. There is a lot of clean energy and great flavors as well. Black cherry and cool mint are pretty awesome.”
  • “I bought these for my husband who is trying to quit smoking and chewing tobacco. His habits are minimum thanks to these. The price of Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch too is quite affordable.”
  • “Wonderful product. I am praying my husband really gets away from smoking. Thank you and bless you all.”

Where to buy Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint

Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops is available on Amazon. You can always purchase from the official website as well.

Shipping Policy and Return Policy

Teaza Energy offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA. The price of Teaza Energy is really economical making anyone afford this product easily. The company also ships internationally. However, for global orders, you need to bear additional shipping charges.

The company is not clear about its return policy and has asked to contact the customer support in case you are not satisfied with the product and want to claim a refund.

Teaza Energy Discount and Coupon Codes

The company offers great promo deals. Current, Teaza Energy discount codes are:

  • Spend $30 or more and get 30% OFF – Use 30FOR30

You can also sign up for newsletters so that you can purchase this product at great deals.

If you loved Teaza Energy, you can also go with an Auto-ship option so that you will be delivered with Teaza energy every month hassle-free. This takes the pain of constantly reminding yourself to buy the product every month.

How to contact Teaza Energy customer support?

You can call Teaza Energy at +1 855 TEAZA00 (+1 855 832 9200). You can also email them at

Where is the office of Teaza Energy located?

The head office of Teaza Energy is at 2744 Summerdale Drive, Clearwater, FL 33761.

Pros and Cons of Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops


  • Cuts down the cravings for tobacco (be it smoking or chewing)
  • Curbs the addiction of nicotine (seen in tobacco)
  • Boosts the energy levels
  • Improves mental focus and ability
  • Maintains overall health (thanks to the herbal blend)
  • Promotes better digestive health
  • Actual customer testimonials available
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
  • Easily fits the budget
  • Worldwide shipping provided


  • Return policy not clear
  • May trigger jitters or shakiness

The Final Verdict

Teaza Energy mainly focuses on tobacco users which is a big relief for those who want to kick the habit yet find it difficult. Teaza Herbal Energy Pouch Coffee Peppermint Fliptops is one of the many flavors available. The Peppermint flavor is one of the best-sellers of Teaza Energy that has helped people to eliminate tobacco from their life for good. We are definitely happy with the testimonials and surely recommend to anyone who wants to kick the tobacco butt. Here’s to good health!!!!

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