Yeast & Fungus Infections

Tineacide Antifungal Foot and Nail Cream

Dr. Blaine’s Tineacide antifungal Foot & Nail Cream

The Tineacide antifungal cream can be used to cure this fungal infection on the nails as well as on the foot.

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The fingernails and toenails suffer the infection from the specific fungus called Tinea. The Tineacide antifungal foot and nail cream can really ‘nail’ this fungus and give you relief. This infection can also cause the athlete’s foot, the infection on the foot. Either way, the causative organism is fungus and this Tineacide antifungal cream can be the fastest remedy to this problem.

Fungal infections should never be taken lightly as it is contagious and should be tackled right from the beginning. Scratching other fungal infections can also lead to the infection on the nails. There it is most vulnerable to inflation. Diabetic patients, people who are frequenting to swimming pools, constant contact with moist areas etc are all at the risk of fungal nail infections.

Tineacide foot and nail cream features

Kill the fungus on the skin near and under your nails using Funginix. It is an excellent nail fungus treatment that starts working immediately and gives you real results that can be seen and felt. Funginix contains blend of active ingredients such as Undecylenic acid apart from essential oils that kills the fungus and gives you clear, healthy nails within 2 weeks.

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  • Tineacide can arrest the growth of the bacteria, fungus, and yeast on the nails and that associated with the athlete’s foot.
  • It is also capable of preventing further infection in the future.
  • The ingredients in the Tineacide can penetrate deeper into the skin tissue and work from inside out. No matter how far the infection goes into, this antifungal cream can take it out without much effort. Not that the fungal infection would go deeper, this antifungal cream can go deeper when needed.
  • Fungal infections do not go easily with just the oral medications, you need to have something to deal with them from the outside and this Tineacide antifungal cream would just be what you need in this case.
  • This antifungal cream can soften the skin of the foot that is too hard to penetrate and can be brittle in some areas. The deep penetrating ability of this cream comes handy in these cases.
  • Tineacide antifungal cream gets rid of the itch, cracking, burning sensation and the scaling associated with the fungal infections.

Tineacide antifungal cream ingredients

The major active ingredients of Tineacide antifungal cream are,

  • Miconazole nitrate used here is 2% concentration. It can arrest the growth of the fungus and thus reduce the infection. It works the same for fungus and yeast infections.
  • Lavender oil can break the barrier of antifungal cream resistance in the fungus and make the Tineacide much more effective.
  • Tea tree oil is found to be effective for both athlete’s foot and ringworm.
  • Urea helps soften the hard skin. it makes way for the antifungal cream to penetrate deeper.
  • Aloe vera leaf is a natural antifungal agent that can deal with any kind of stubborn fungal infections.

Tineacide antifungal foot and nail cream usage

Tineacide antifungal cream can be used by one and all. But women should not use it for their yeast infection in the intimate areas.

The recommended usage period of Tineacide antifungal foot cream is 4 weeks. For 4 weeks, use the cream on the affected area twice a day. The 4 weeks period is for athlete’s foot treatment. For the ringworm infection, use the nail cream for about 2 weeks, again twice a week.

Clean and dry the affected area and dry it properly. You don’t need extra moisture to feed the fungus. Apply a generous amount of the cream on the affected area and leave it to dry.

Wearing loose fitting clothes and well ventilation can help heal the infection faster. For athlete’s foot infection, change the shoes and socks every day. Wearing the same for 2 days can only aggravate the infection.
The Tineacide antifungal cream is useful for anyone above the age of 2 years old.

Buy Tineacide antifungal cream

The Tineacide antifungal cream is a non-prescription remedy that is available online. It does not cost much and is found highly effective.

Dr. Blaine’s tineacide antifungal cream Customer reviews

The customer reviews show that the product is effective when used consistently. In fact, this antifungal cream needs to be used for a longer period than just a few weeks mentioned with the product. It might very well take a few months to see the major difference with the athlete’s foot or ringworm that have been there for years.


When you are looking for the over-the-counter cream to fight the fungal infection, you can easily go for the Tineacide antifungal cream. Instead of any kind of cream with maximum chemicals in it, you can make use of this almost natural remedy to kill the fungus.

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