Ultilet Lancets Review

Ultilet Lancets For Diabetic Care

Ultilet Lancets is specially designed 28 gauge Pull-top lancet. Its precision cut tip allows this thin lancet to penetrate virtually pain-free, allowing you to get the enough amount of blood you need to test the first time. These lancets will fit most lancing devices.

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Boca Medical Products proudly offers the Ultilet line of diabetes care products. Ultilet Lancets, insulin syringes, lancing devices, glucose tablets and more add to the Boca Medical diabetes Products. The company strives to provide you the highest quality products available in the market today and. It is one of the few companies that take the additional step to have an independent US laboratory that validates each and every lot number for sterility. Keep reading for the complete Ultilet Lancets Review.

Ultilet Lancets – About

These Lancets are triple checked for your safety. Moreover, each lot get scrutinizes twice before shipping to company’s warehouse in the United States.

Ultilet Lancets – Products

The company mentions two Diabetes Facts

To help check and control Diabetes, the company offers Ultilet Lancets in two varieties

  • Original Lancets
  • Ultilet Classic Lancets

Ultilet Original Lancets

Product Description – This Lancet is a 28-gauge pull-top lancet. Its precision cut tip allows this thin lancet to penetrate virtually pain-free, allowing you to get the enough amount of blood you need to test the first time. Its features two-piece construction ensuring that the lancet is free from any plastic material that may stay on the tip after twisting off a cap. Additionally, the cap provides for an easier and safer disposal after each use. also, the Ultilet Original is triple checked for your safety.


  • Specially designed 28 gauge Pull-top lancet
  • Triple checked for your safety
  • Laboratory validates each and every lot number for sterility
  • It comes in boxes of 100 or 200 counts.

Customer Reviews – Here are few actual users’ testimonials for your ready reference

Coffee Bean Lover says this is the best lancet ever used. He adds they are by far better than many other more expensive, twist top lancets. The pull tops feature is much safer than twist top. This top relatively secures and protects if a lancet drops. Usually, babies and pets may get stab with flimsy twist top lancets but Ultilet is protective.

  • Bossy is trying hard to make this work but the fit is not perfect to his device.
  • Amazon customer says it is perfect to test his blood glucose before every meal. This product makes a two year supply for him.

Ultilet Classic Lancets

The Ultilet line of diabetic products now includes the traditional twist off lancet – Introducing the Ultilet Classic Lancets. This product is available in a 26, 28, or 30-gauge lancets.

Product Description – the Invacare 28 or 30 Gauge Lancet is a pull-top lancet with precision cut tip. It’s smooth and tri-bevel tip helps to provide a virtually pain-free testing experience. These lancets will fit most lancing devices. The thinner 30 gauge is perfect for those with sensitive or non-callused fingers.

This lancet allows the user to get the proper amount of blood required for first time testing. Its two-piece construction ensures the lancet is free from any plastic debris. This also provides easier and safer disposal post use. Its triple checking security feature adds to your safety and each lot gets check twice before shipping.


  • Traditional twist off lancets
  • Ultra Thin 30 gauge tri-beveled cannula
  • Two-piece Construction
  • Triple checked for your safety
  • Checked Twice before Shipping
  • 100 sterile lancets per box
  • Less Pain
  • One time use lancets

Customer Reviews – For your ready reference, below are few real customer reviews

  • D. S. says they are cheap yet effective. It fits the GE-100 lancing device perfectly.
  • Earleheadcoach says this is a good product for the great price
  • Eufrasia is using these lancets for about 4 years. She has tried others but says these are the best. They work very well for her..

Ultilet Lancets – Compatible

These lancets work with the following lancing devices

  • Autolet
  • Autolet Mark II
  • Hemalet
  • Autolet Lite
  • Autoletclix
  • Penlet II
  • Penlet
  • Hypo-Let
  • Dialet
  • Monojector
  • Auto-Lancet
  • BD Exatech
  • Soft Touch
  • Ultilance Automatic
  • Ulti-Lance Adjustable

Ultilet Lancets – Conclusion

Whether you buy the Ultilet Original or the Ultilet Classic, you can have the assurance of knowing that at Boca Medical Products quality is the first concern, so use them with confidence.

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