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Viatri – Heart and Cholesterol Formula

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Cholesterol & Its Causes

High cholesterol levels has been found to increase the built up of fat in the arteries thereby raising the risk of various heart diseases. Viatri has been formulated with three potent and natural ingredients to maintain normal cholesterol levels and thereby promote heart health. The main ingredients that make up Viatri are Phytosterols extracted from non-GM soy, Salicin from white willow bark and Nattokinase which is a Japanese Soy food. All these products have many beneficial factors which help control bad cholesterol. The benefits of Viatri – Heart and Cholesterol Formula include

  • the phytosterols in Viatri help lower bad cholesterol in the blood thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases. 2 grams of phytosterols per day can reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol by 10% and indirectly it reduces the risk of heart diseases by 25%
  • the salicin prescient in Viatri is anti-inflammatory and helps prevent platelet stickiness and risk of blood clots.
  • The nattokinase enzyme in viatri is a blood thinner and helps prevents clots
  • viatri helps maintain a smooth blood flow

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A daily dose of two capsules is recommended. Many studies conducted on Viatri has confirmed that it does have cholesterol lowering ability. If a healthy diet is followed while taking viatri, positive results can be noticed in a week or two, but it may take 3 months before the full benefits of taking viatri can be evaluated.

Precautions while using Viatri – Heart and Cholesterol Formula

Since the product contains salicin which is similar to acetylsalicyclic acid found in aspirin, it is not advisable for persons who are allergic to aspirin to use this product. Also, persons using blood thinners or other medication should consult their doctor before using viatri. Pregnant and nursing women are also not advised to use viatri. It there are side effects after taking viatri, usage should be continued only after consulting a doctor.


Viatri help to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood and thus protect the heart from various diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure and resultant death. Viatri has been formulated with three potent and natural ingredients to maintain normal cholesterol levels and thereby promote heart health. It helps maintain a smooth blood flow.

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