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Vitalzym Fibroids Review, Side Effects

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Are you in search of a total system support? Then, you should definitely switch to this Vitalzym Fibroids. It’s true that our bodies have various functional units like an immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular and circulatory system. Each system needs energy in order to perform optimally, which can be supplied by the enzymes (proteins responsible for every chemical reaction that goes on in the body). In fact, they are responsible for millions of bodily functions. Vitalzym Fibroids is a hybrid formula that helps at supporting the systemic and digestive function. It includes no animal derivatives or harmful talc. Further, read on to know more about Vitalzym Fibroids review. Check out its ingredients, dosage, side effects and much more…

Symptoms of low enzyme production includes

  • The low enzyme may lead to increased scarring.
  • Slow wound healing.
  • Fibrosis condition.
  • Poor levels of digestion
  • Internal inflammation.

Vitalzym Fibroids

World Nutrition Vitalzyme Hybrid 450 Caps is a vegetarian-friendly formula that works to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is prepared from beneficial ingredients like protease, papain, serrapeptase, amylase, papain, bromelain, lipase, rutin and amla. They are responsible for everyday bodily processes such as metabolism, digestion, energy production, stamina and ability to utilize the needed vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Vitalzym Fibroids

  • World Nutrition Vitalzyme Hybrid 450 Caps maintains the GI system.
  • Maintains the circulatory system.
  • Equally, supports immune function and reduced inflammatory response.
  • Defends fibroids, fibromyalgia and scar tissue.

Vitalzym Fibroids ingredients

Serving size – 3 capsules

Servings per container – 30

Ingredients Amount Per Serving % Daily value
Proprietary Enzyme Blend 1500 mg **
Proprietary blend contains: Protease,Amylase,Papain, Bromelain, Serratiopeptidase, Rutin, Amla, Lipase

*Percent daily values is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

** Daily value not established

Other ingredients – Cellulose, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate and riboflavin and chlorophyllin.

Note – Vitalzym contains no artificial flavors, animal derivatives, yeast or gluten. Besides, it is also lactose-free and does not contain any harmful talc.

Vitalzym Fibroids dosage

It is advised to take 3 capsules daily at least 45 minutes before or after meals or as advised by your health expert.

Vitalzym Fibroids warnings

  • Seek medical permission in case of pregnancy or lactating.
  • Do not consume this formula without the consent of your health expert if you are taking anti-coagulants.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool dry area with lid tightly closed.
  • Similarly, discontinue its use two weeks prior to surgery.

Vitalzym side effects

Vitalzym is completely a natural product. It causes no side effects directly. But, in certain cases, it may lead to headaches, nausea and certain flu symptoms. Further, you may check the customer reviews available at other sites for more information…

Vitalzym Fibroids reviews

Overall Vitalzym has received 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It has given amazing results for most of the regular users. In short, they are saying that Vitalzym is great for digestion issues. Further mentioned below are some honest reviews for your reference. This may lead you to a right choice. Let’s have a look at them…

  • “Frankly speaking I had several abdominal surgeries and developed scar tissue. Then, one day my friend suggested me to take this supplement. I took it for few weeks and was able to note a huge difference. Thankyou Vitalzym Fibroids.”
  • “The product is great at managing inflammation. I have been taking them for years and all my inflammatory reaction gets stopped after taking it for a week.”
  • “If my stomach bothers me Vitalzym soothes it within minutes.”
  • “I take 2 at night as a systemic enzyme and it makes me feel great.”
  • “I had fibroids and was told not to go for a surgery. So, I started taking these tablets and it worked for me. Love this supplement.”
  • “I am taking this for fibroids and I think it works.”
  • “Would like to rate it with 5 stars.”

Where to buy this supplement?

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Frequently asked questions

Who should not take this Vitalzym supplement?

Individuals with uterine fibroid condition, pregnancy, hemophiliacs, those with ulcer and people taking prescription blood thinners must not use this supplement.

Can I take high doses of Vitalzym?

Yes, you may as there are no side-effects on overdosing with this formula. They do not have any toxicity levels nor they get stored in the body.

Does it work for menstrual cramps?

Yes, it works. The enzyme is well known for their support in a healthy inflammation response. Thus, it can help with the pain and inflammation related with smooth muscle cramping.

What is the contact email address of HerbsPro?

The contact email address of HerbsPro is

Should I keep this supplement in the refrigerator?

No need, a cool, dry place is fine for this product. Sometimes, unopened bottle stored in the refrigerator may collect moisture and affect the activity levels of enzymes.

Does HerbsPro ship this formula to P.O boxes?

Yes, HerbsPro will ship the product to the P.O box via USPS.

What is their return policy?

HerbsPro offers a 30 day return policy on all the goods purchased from their site.

Vitalzym Fibroids Digestive Formula

World Nutrition Vitalzyme Hybrid 450 Caps is a vegetarian-friendly formula that works to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is prepared from beneficial ingredients like protease, papain, serrapeptase, amylase, papain, bromelain, lipase, rutin and amla.

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