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What is Kneipp Arnica?

Arnica oil

Overall Arnica essential oil is beneficial for both for health and beauty. The plants are grown using biodynamic methods and therefore it is safe to use without any hard effects on body.

What is Kneipp Arnica?

Healthy legs and total wellness go hand in hand, since the muscles, joints and ligaments work together in mobility and push us forward.

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When legs obtain the benefits of Arnica, they take action to pump or help boost blood circulation to all parts of the body. To begin with, Kneipp Arnica is the best remedy. Overall, Arnica is an herbal preparation that contains valuable natural constituents of the Arnica blossom and emollient herbal oils to treat and smoothes the skin.

Kneipp Arnica offers pain relief from sore muscles and decrease bruises as well as encourages the healing process with its antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. Similarly, it is great for skin, and makes the skin flexible and smooth, with oily or greasy deposit. Arnica has many products for joint and muscles like; massage cream, gel, oil and bath solution and salts. They help in soothing the painful joints, relax the muscles and ease the stiffness and swellings in legs and also improve blood circulation on skin. Equally, the ingredients include water, sunflower oil, glycerin, citric acid, and stearic acid etc. It is used when one has sore, swelled, stiff, and bruised legs.

Kneipp Arnica Joint and Muscle Intensive Cream

Firstly, it is used on tired muscles to rejuvenate them and also helps restore the joints by relieving the pain.

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Gently massage Kneipp Arnica on to the affected area and let it get absorbed slowly.

Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Active Gel

It is fast in action and get absorbed into muscles and legs giving a cooling effect that revitalize and eases muscle fatigue. It also gets rid of puffiness in the legs and feet. It is easy to apply daily or as frequent as recommended. It has a pleasant fresh fragrance that is perfect as a muscle cooler during summer. Simply apply a thin layer on affected area and allow absorbing using upward strokes. It is recommended not to use on bruised skin.

Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Intensive Cream

This is used in massaging to ease discomfort and muscle stiffness, soothes leg swellings and helps revitalize. Apply liberally in upward strokes on stressed and tired muscles, in morning and at night before going to bed, as long as discomfort continues.


Kneipp warming massaging oil

The active ingredient ginger forms a warming and soothing effect on the skin while massaging. The almond oil hydrates the skin. The oil is easily but slowly absorbed. Do not use on cracked, irritated skin.

Arnica Joint and Muscle rescue bath

The essential oils in it is suited for use after intense physical activity to relieve joint and muscle pain. The revitalizing affects benefits for the whole body. Mix a capful in a tub full of warm water and soak in for 15-20 minutes. The sunflower oil moisturizes the skin. It also comes in sachet packs.

Arnica Joint & Muscle Mineral Bath salt

Used as same as the rescue bath. Pour one cap in warm water and stir well. Soak in for not more than 15-20 minutes. Rinse off and apply Arnica Kneipp Body Lotion or Body Oil to regain the natural pH balance of skin. It also comes in sachet packs as well.

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