White teeth are everyone’s dream, but not all can have the luxury, thanks to some very day diet ingredients and drinks. There are quite a few diet ingredients that can cause teeth staining and cause damage, but the ones listed here has many unexpected inclusions as well. Many of these may not be avoided but one can sure take some measures to make sure that the pigments left by them are properly removed before calling it a day.

Teeth Staining Food & Drinks

  • Berries like blue and black berries and also the pomegranates have certain compound named that has high potential of staining the teeth. These pigments can stick to the teeth enamel and do the damage later. Any food that is made with these berries can also cause the same effect. The pies and tarts made of these are better avoided by those who are more vulnerable to the staining effects of these fruits. Or make sure to wash it down with plenty of plain water.
  • Cough syrup: I was shocked! Who would have thought a remedy like a cough syrup can bring some worry along? The fact is that it contains sugar and alcohol that can reduce the saliva production to make the mouth dry. The residue of the syrup stays in the mouth and erodes the teeth of its enamel. The coloring agents in the syrup, most likely red, purple, or blue will stain the teeth. Since the syrup is mostly taken in the night before going to bed, there are all chances that the residue stays on the teeth to do the damage. Avoid this situation by brushing the teeth after the syrup.
  • Fluoride is teeth staining agent in children. The presence of this in the kids’ toothpaste can cause trouble like staining their teeth, especially the milk teeth. This is the reason why many dentists suggest avoiding fluoride-based toothpaste for kids.
  • Lemonade: The acidic effects of lemon are known to wear down the teeth enamel. The inner layer is exposed, as a result, that will turn to yellow or a darker color. Sipping the lemonade does the more damage. Using a straw to take the drink can avoid contact with the teeth and save you from tooth damage.
  • Medications: Then there is the medications that are formed with many chemical compounds. Prescription drugs like antihistamines and antibiotics contain compounds that are antibacterial in effect but also are associated with teeth discoloration. As for the antihistamines, some liquid medications are known to color the teeth, but how, is yet not known.
  • Smoking: Yet another black mark against smoking. It is a widely known fact that it can turn the teeth yellow. The chemicals used in its making stay on the teeth and work their way to damage the appearance. The chemicals when to react with the enamel causes staining.

Other foods that stain your teeth

  • Soy sauce: Not just the soy sauce any dark colored sauce can stain the teeth and the soy sauce takes the price. Opt for a lighter shade of sauce that has less of the color pigments in it. Those pigments stick to the teeth and drinking a soda or another colored drink will cause more damage. Furthermore, the vinegar used as the preservative can cause spots and enamel damage, to add to the troubles.
  • Sports drinks and soda: The sports energy drinks and soda can erode the enamel easily and exposing the inner layer to be stained. Moreover, many of the sports drinks, if you notice, are colored with blue, yellow, or orange. What do you think these are? The coloring agents can also color the teeth. The soda, whether they are colored or plain white like Sprite, can stain the teeth. The high acid content is teeth damaging in many ways than one.
  • Tea/coffee contains high amount of tannins. These tannins are the main reason for yellowing of teeth in many. Although the wide belief is that coffee is the main culprit, the truth is tea is more to be blamed than coffee. The tannins are more in tea than in coffee so think twice before you take up your 2nd or 3rd-morning tea in a row. These tannins do not give an instant discoloration to the teeth but works gradually over the period that turns the white teeth to yellow. If you love your pearly white teeth then you got to stop taking that excess tea or coffee.
  • White wine: Red wine is known to stain the teeth but white wine has also decided to join the league. Whether its white or red, wine has the potential to stain the teeth, so keep a check on the number of glasses you take.