People have a tendency to underestimate ingredients which are easily available and one among them would be the humble garlic which is often overlooked. Studies have proven that garlic has a big bundle of features which can make you go wow! Garlic is an ingredient which can be consumed individually or can be easily mixed with any dishes with ease and also is easily available in the market while maintaining its nutritional values. Garlic has a history of over 7000 years among mankind and is particularly an Asian ingredient.

Over the time garlic was known to possess many disease curing abilities. Garlic is easy to use and store in a household facility and stays good for a longer period. Garlic has a number of uses out of which I would like to highlight the prominent 10 benefits.

Benefits Of Garlic

  1. Regulating blood pressure:Lower your blood pressure level with Garlic as it has been noted that garlic can cause a reduction in blood pressure to up to 7 percent. The intake should be carefully taken as it can also cause the reduction in blood pressure in a normal person. Garlic dilates the muscle components of the blood vessels which help in the lowering of the pressure of the blood being pumped. The active ingredient which is responsible for this is known as allicin.
  2. Hardening of the arteries: Garlic possesses a feature where it can reduce the effect of hardening of arteries which is usually seen in old aged people. This can also happen in normal people when fat, cholesterol and other components prove to become a block to arteries carrying the blood called plaques. Garlic through regular usage has the potential to clear the blockades as it is an antioxidant and also increases the nitric oxide production which causes the reduction on the loosening of the arteries.

    3. Stomach, Colon and Rectal cancer: Garlic has proven to be a cancer-preventing herb and it has been proven that garlic reduces the chance for cancer up to 44% and also chance of cancer in a smoker by over 30 percentages. This effect is again from the help of allicin which is the key ingredient in the reduction of inflammation in the body through its antioxidants features. Garlic is an active ingredient which contributes to the removal of free radicals from the body.

  3. Fungal infections: Garlic is a strong force against fungal infections in the form of ringworm, jock itches and athlete’s foot. The basic medication which is used for athlete’s foot is a garlic gel which has the main ingredient of ajoene which is responsible for treating the infections.
  4. Metabolism: Another major feature would be the feature of garlic where it increases the metabolism of the body which puts the person in a better position to lose weight. Metabolism rate is the rate at which the food is converted into energy. It is an important part when it comes to regulating weight.
  5. Natural Antibiotic: Raw garlic showcases properties of a natural antibiotic by eliminating bacteria at a faster rate than many man-made antibiotics. Campylobacter is a bacterium which enters the body through raw meat like chicken and is a potent ingredient which can cause food poisoning. Campylobacter has an outer thick shell which is hard to penetrate and is thousand times resistant against antibiotics because of its hard covering. Garlic is able to break this covering and destroy the bacteria.
  6. Heart protection: Garlic oil contains an element known as Diallyl trisulfide which protects heart during cardiac surgery. Hydrogen Sulfide has been proved to protect the heart from damage. Garlic has diallyl sulfide which acts as a safer way to deliver the features of hydrogen sulfide into the heart. Garlic usage has the potential to protect the heart and for making it strong.

Other Important Benefits Of Garlic

  1. Regulating weight: Garlic possess a natural weight losing character as it removes the bad cholesterol and also promotes production of the good cholesterol. Experiments has proved that garlic contribute to natural weight loss as it releases the fat deposits and also maintains a healthy storage of fat.
  2. Treats cough: Garlic is a repository of vitamin C, B6, and minerals of the likes of selenium and manganese which are key ingredients in strengthening the immune system of a human. The antibacterial features which is mentioned above also result in the treatment of a cough as it has the potential to remove the causes of throat irritation. Garlic use on a regular basis can reduce the occurrence of cold and is also a great ingredient in combating asthma.
  3. Toothache: The antibacterial character of Garlic makes it a perfect solution for treating toothache. Garlic can be crushed or it can be used in its oil form and applied directly into the teeth or the gums to get sudden relief. Garlic has the antibacterial feature which can remove infections from the applied area. It should be kept in mind though that garlic can show irritation and should check the irritability before applying anywhere.
  4. Digestion: Garlic is a major supporter of the digestive system and its working by preventing any modes of blockage of gastric pancreatic and intestinal juices which are responsible for digestion of the nutrients. Garlic has also proven to be a trigger which suggests the liver to remove the toxins from the body while protecting the liver. Garlic would be at its best when it’s fresh and raw. It is also necessary that the right intake should be taken as overdose does have some irritation.


So as you can see a normal shelf ingredient like garlic in our kitchen has some of the most beneficial factors which are usually addressed through hard antibiotics rather than natural ingredients. Garlic is indeed a wonder drug with many characteristics which has both health and other benefits like its characteristics where it can be used as glue. Garlic would be one of the most underestimated natural product which is indeed a wonder component of nature.