Summer is all about heat and sun rays. We can cover the skin with sunscreen to protect it from sun but what about the heat and the water loss due to sweating and heat stroke?

Cool & Healthy Food For Summer

  • Apricot contains skin improving nutrients that help fight the summer acne. The acne that breaks out especially during summer can find a relief with apricots. The potassium and vitamins in it is a great help and also reduce body heat to some extent.
  • Buttermilk is a great way to end your hot day. It is a great food to fight dehydration. Have cool buttermilk added with some salt to reinstate the lost water content and sodium into the body. The excess sweating and tiredness due to heat is remedied with this recipe. For cases like nausea or vomiting due to dehydration, butter mild is the acceptable drink that can rehydrate the body and also to calm the stomach.
  • Coconut water is the best and nutritious natural juice. It can serve as a complete food when needed. It not only rehydrates the body, it brings down the body temperature with its natural cooling effects. The electrolytes, vitamins and other nutrients are beneficial for the health. It is simply more than juice. It is best to drink any time of the day but having it on empty stomach can be better. It improves the blood circulation and helps you start your day with fewer effects of the heat.
  • Corn: The cooked sweet corn can help you fight the summer heat. The antioxidants make a barrier against the UV rays and protect the skin from degeneration. The vitamins provide energy and also to lower the stress level. Take the corn in any way or combination as you prefer.
  • Cucumbers have lots of water content in it that hydrates the body and skin. The cooling effects of this are enhanced when consumed it cold. Make a juice of cucumber with a squeezed lemon and have it instead of water to cool down the body. Include cucumber in salads throughout the summer to keep a check on the core body temperature during the hot season.
  • Indian Gooseberry or Amla has cooling effects inside the body. It contains vitamin C in an abundant quantity that improves the immune system. Summer is the time many pathogens come out of their hiding and plaque you. With a healthy immune system you are better able to fight many of the diseases. In order to boost the immunity have amla juice made with chilled water, right when you return from the heat.
  • Mangoes are abundant in summer and there is always a reason why certain fruits are available during a particular season. Mangoes in summer serve as natural coolants. Beat the summer heat by eating raw mangoes, have mango shakes, smoothies or in any form you refer. Though ripened mangoes taste better the raw mangoes also has their charm. Make a drink of raw mangoes by adding cool water and some salt and cumin powder. This drink is perfect recipe for heat stroke and also relieves exhaustion.

Amazing Food For Hot Summer

  • Mint contains the chemical menthol that tricks the brain to make it believe the area is now cool. Moreover, the cold-sensitive receptors in the body readily bind with menthol and make a cooling effect. Whether or not the body temperature is brought down, the ultimate aim of coolants during summer is that ‘we’ feel cool and that is exactly what mine does.
  • Papaya is another fruit that can lower the body temperature. It is also needed to balance the digestion and to improve nutrient absorption.
  • Pomegranate juice taken on empty stomach, first thing in the morning is the great way to start the day with reduced body heat. Pomegranate can bring down the core body heat and make you feel cooler. The antioxidants in this fruits make it all the more important for the health.
  • Summer Squash with its creamy texture can lower the body temperature. The vitamins and other minerals help improve the overall health. The energy boosting properties would be a great help when coming in tired of the heat. Eat it raw; add in the dishes, use for baking or even stuffing would do.
  • Sweet lime and lemon: Both lemon and sweet lime are good to beat the heat. Both the fruits have enough vitamin C to boost the immunity and possess water and electrolytes that can be restored. Being a digestive aid it helps run the digestion smooth and improve the immune system. It is also good for skin health and make it able to fight the harmful UV rays.
  • Tomatoes contain more water. The ripened fruits have more water than the unripe ones. It is delicious to eat raw, with many antioxidants and other phytochemicals. The antioxidants in tomatoes help fight the UV rays and help develop better health for the skin during summer or at any time of the year. Eat the tomatoes raw or extract its juice to rehydrate the body.
  • Watermelon is the first fruit that comes to mind while talking about heat. There is no other fruit on earth that can have A/c effects inside the body. This fruit is over 90% of the water that restores water content that is lost due to heat and sweating. There also are antioxidants and vitamins in it that adds to the nutritive value. Eat it raw or make it into cool summer drink, either way, it works well.
  • Yogurt is a coolant since it is served chilled and stored in the refrigerator. The cool yogurt can disperse the body heat faster. It has protein and calcium along with beneficial bacteria in the line. It is a great ingredient to boost the digestive system health. The low-fat yogurt can be consumed as it is or made into smoothies. Add a pinch of mint in the smoothies to make it more refreshing.