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Detox is necessary process which should be part of our life as we live in a world where let’s face it don’t get to have the healthiest of foods.

Our current lifestyle tends to create and leave a lot of free radicals in our system which as per studies have proved is a major cause for a lot of serious medical conditions. Detox is a way to remove the deposit of free radicals in our system which can prove to be harmful in the long run.

There are many benefits for detoxifying your body and some of the main benefits are

  • Energy boost: This is one of the most impressive benefits where you are energized and kept refreshed for longer period of times. Detoxing helps in making the system clear of any forms of toxicants in the form of free radicals. Detoxing involves the use of natural food which gives you natural boost of energy.
  • Body waste management: This empowers the body to get rid of all the excess waste which is accumulated because of the mode of lifestyle. Almost all the detox programs works on the principle of purging as it tempts the body to release all the toxins outside. Detoxing helps in the cleansing of the colon which is very important for the working of the digestive system and for the absorption of the minerals into our system.
  • Weight loss: Detoxifying helps in the increasing of the overall metabolism of the body which means that the body will take up the fat which is stored in the body. Metabolism is a very huge factor in the losing of weight. Detoxing helps in increasing the metabolism and the efficiency of the organs.
  • Strengthening the immunity system: Next major advantage for detoxing is that it strengthens the immune system which is very important for keeping the body healthy and also away from various infections. Detoxes are mainly concentrated on vitamin C which helps in the proper functioning of all the organs in the body.
  • Improved Skin: Detox helps in the bettering of the skin. Detox agents helps in relaxing the body thereby contributing to the release of feel good hormones into the system which regulates the balanced pumping of blood to every part of the body. Skin is damaged when there is limited blood flow to it and this is generally because of the stress which is faced. Stress situations trigger the blood being excessively flown into the muscles and sense thereby ignoring the skin and other places.
  • Healthy hair: Detox also helps in the strengthening of the natural hair. It removes all the toxins which restrain the complete growth of the hair. Detox helps in the removal of all the toxins which resist the proper growth of the hair.


    Best Detox Drinks

    These are some of the many benefits of detoxing and I would like to give you some of the best detox drinks which are very effective in its working.

    1. Green Tea: No doubts about the wonder detoxing effects of the legendary green tea. Green tea is a major source of polyphenols which is a major factor which can enable the body to be ultimate health condition. The polyphenols in the green tea gets rid of the free radicals which have the ability to damage other healthy cells. Removal of the free radical can help in the prevention of any medical conditions relating to liver or any sort of internal infections. These are possible with high concentrations of EGCG and polyphenols. Green tea is relatively easy to make and can be made within a matter of minutes thereby making it your perfect companion for a healthy living.
    2. Leafy vegetables green juice: Dark leafy vegetables are some of the most nutritious food that is there. Now I know that it will be a tough ask to juice it up and have but trust me you will never regret having it. The main advantage of juicing them up is that it will be easier to have but you can also cover the taste by adding many items along with it.
    3. Watermelon Juice: Now this is one drink which can be easily made and can be added to your daily diet. Watermelon juice can be added with cucumber for increasing the effects of the drink. The preparation is some of the easiest among the detox juices or drinks. The ingredients needed are watermelon, cucumbers, lemon, mint leaves and fresh water. This is a perfect drink which covers both the taste and nutrition aspect with panache. This drink is a professional in making you purge all the toxins that are in your body and give you that refreshed feel. This function is done by the citrulline contained in the lime and the watermelon. This drink helps in purging out ammonia in the system which is very harmful for our body.
    4. Lemon and Warm water: Now I would say this would be a drink for the laziest as the ingredients used in this drink is just lemon and water. This is a drink which is most effective when it is used in the morning time. For the best results have this drink first thing in the morning before the breakfast. The lemon in the drink will kick start your metabolism and also helps in purging out the toxins from the body.
    5. Apple and Cinnamon Cider Vinegar Drink: The ingredient used for this fine detox mix are cinnamon, lemon juice, icy cold water, stevia and some apple cider vinegar. The trick behind this drink is to keep it cold as the body will burn more calories to warm the water. The mix is made up by adding water to ice cubes and adding two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, little amount of stevia, juice of one lemon and some cinnamon. This is a fine and tasty detox mix which will help in getting rid of all the unnecessary toxins from your system leaving you fresh and lively.

    These are some of the best detox drinks which you can make with ease and also the most effective for the detoxing. These are also some of the easily made detox drinks from home with minimum of efforts and are completely loaded with benefits from cleansing the system to weight loss.