Living with diabetes is a tedious task. Life itself is tough and living it with a disease like diabetes is tougher. If you can make up your mind, this tough life can become simpler and an easier one. Diabetes is a disease only until you learn to manage it. Once you know the little tips and tricks, it becomes easy to handle. You may still need to take the medications, shots or the mandatory things that your doctor suggests you need to do.

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Here are 5 healthy living tips for people who have to live with diabetes. You might have come across many such tips but these are the ones that are sure to make some difference.

5 Lifestyle Tips to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Active life To Avoid Diabetes Problems

Let’s start with an active life. I understand that diabetes has made many of your lives tighter. It can make you depressed and anxious to do any kind of activities other than what is necessary. But the fact is, diabetes can be managed if you have an active and cheerful life.

Diabetes itself is stressful to the body so you need to find time and ways to de-stress the body. The best way is to do some minor exercises, morning or evening walks in the park etc.

Hang around with your friends whenever you get a chance to. There is nothing else in the world that can make you cheerful than your bunch of friends. Don’t have time for that? Do whatever that makes you happy and relaxed. Or simply grab your favorite book and forget about the world that you are living in, for a while.

Be regular

Yes, be regular, is what you should do always and especially when you have diabetes. Be regular with everything possible. Diabetes and not eating regularly will never let you manage the disease. So don’t skip a meal. If you don’t have time for a full meal have some healthy snacks handy and eat SOMETHING.

Apart from the regular meal times and regular meals, you should also be regular with your checkups. The regular tests can ensure that you are improving and doing better Regular exercises and physical activities also have a high significance in the diabetes management.

Eat the right way

You need to eat the regular meals alright. What you need to be careful about is the portion that you eat. You should not be eating more than what is necessary at a time. You may have several small meals rather than a single huge meal. This way you will be regulating the blood sugar, as well as provide some healthy regime for the body.

You can adopt the Japanese trick to eat less and still feel that you have eaten more. How? Use your grater and sharp knives! Wondering why? When eating fruits and vegetables, it is better to grate them whenever that is possible. Grating the food will make the quantity look more. A single carrot might look smaller than the same when grated.

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Use the sharp knives to slice or dice the veggies to have the same effect. Instead of biting the apples, try dicing them and then having them. Not only will you feel that you have a lot to finish, but also feel fuller. You will know that the eyes can trick your mind and body easily.

Diabetes does not mean that you have to say goodbye to sweets permanently. If you can mind your food portions you may be at the liberty to reward yourself with some sweets every now and then.

The water trick

What is the water trick? One of the side effects of diabetes is that you are thirsty most of the time. Sometimes we misunderstand thirst for hunger. You may feel hungry but in fact, you are thirsty. The water trick here is that you drink one or 2 glasses of water when you feel hungry. Wait for a few minutes and see if you are still feeling hungry. And if you are, then it is hunger, otherwise, it is thirst.

It might sound silly, but the same works for everyone and not just with those having diabetes. When living with diabetes sometimes it is much more difficult to identify the difference between these 2 feelings. So the best way is to drink some water first and then look for any snacks.

Stock up the snack

The 5th tip is to stock up a heavy load of healthy snacks at home. You may not always need the water whenever you feel hungry. It might really be hunger, at times. Then you need some healthy snacks that do not spike your blood sugar.

Stocking up the snacks is highly essential when you are traveling. You need to have them right near you. Who knows, when your blood sugar decides to drop! You will also need to have some sugar items in the snack box in case you need it urgently.

As much as possible, prepare your own little snacks at home. The store bought ones can be handier and convenient to carry but they cannot be as healthy as the ones that you can make easily at home. There are numerous recipes available on the internet. Try out the easiest ones.


People who have diabetes should have a journal handy where you can write down whatever you eat in a day. You may also mention what each item has made you feel. Also, keep track on the activities or things that make you feel happy. This way you can track the happy events and avoid those things that cause unpleasantness to you. A happy mind and body have a better chance of controlling the life-changing diseases like diabetes. Have a healthy life ahead!