Are you one of them who often forget what you were wearing yesterday, or where you kept your important file, names? Well, all of us do be forgetful every now and then. If these small memory lapses are frequent then it is time for concern. It could be sign of brain cell damage, too much stress, anxiety, alcohol, or even medications.

Brain need some internal resetting to put the memories in the right place to get them back when needed. The failure to do so is what we call forgetfulness or memory loss.

5 secrets to a healthy memory are

Eat well: The most important factor in the proper brain functioning is to eat well. Nutrients help the body function properly and keep the brain healthy to do its functions normal. The important nutrients to keep brain healthy are vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids to protect the neurons. Green leafy vegetables and olive oil are good sources for vitamin E and so are almonds. Spinach has folate that can inhibit the neuron damaging amino acids. Avocado and red wine has many antioxidants that can prevent premature damage of the brain cells and also protect them.

A diet similar to Mediterranean diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain, beans, olive oil, limited red meat, only 4 eggs a week and moderate wine consumption is perfect for boosting memory and preserving brain health.

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Sleep well: A good night’s deep sleep is essential for consolidating the memories of each day. During the day time our brain acquire so many details and information and that information must be sorted out and consolidate according to the need and importance, just like we clean up our home. This consolidation process happens during the deeper stages of sleep. Once we have those memories organized, we can recollect them easily. A person who suffers sleep deprivation will not have an organized memory and it will be scattered making it difficult to recollect even important details. Remember, brain is like a computer that has to be shut down properly and that shutting down process is sleep.

Power nap: Daytime napping is a way to compensate for sleep deprivation in night. A power nap is a small duration nap which has many powers. A 20 minute nap will boost memory and 30-60 nap can improve the learning skills for a person. For creative problem solving one may have to sleep for up to 90 minutes. A busy person may not have enough time for a nap. A power nap that ranges anywhere between 7-20 minutes is healthy enough for energy and memory boosting.

For helping with a power nap you may want to get rid of the caffeine. Caffeine can decrease the memory and may make you tired when trying to recollect something. Ditch the coffee, set a regular time, if possible, and try an eye mask to darken the surroundings. See the difference in you and how you feel.

De-stress and relax: The link between stress and memory is the balance of the stress hormones. Too much of stress hormones can be damaging and the too low levels of the same is just as trouble. The stress hormone level has to be optimal for a healthy memory. For that we need to de-stress the body by trying relaxing exercises. Yoga, meditation, music, or anything that can take your mind away from the stressful thoughts and situations will do. A relaxed mind will have normal hormone levels and can function better. Indulge yourself in solving some puzzles or do crosswords. They will boost the brain power and reduce stress.

Avoid these Habits For Attaining Healthy Memory

  • For what to avoid having healthy memory, once must certainly avoid high cholesterol and sugar levels in blood. The blood pressure can also affect the memory power.
  • Smoking can lead to brain cell damage and is one of the major causes for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Avoid sitting idle, get out and take a walk, run or do some kind of exercises. After all an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.
  • Maintain a healthy BMI.

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